Two Sided Coins Made Of Dust


A Shame Flapjack Stack

What is your work? What do you do? How do you find value in a material world, when the work you do, and have done, is immaterial?

When a friend who you hold dear, says your support is effortless as a compliment, but it took you nineteen years of studying sorrow to reach the point that you know what he needs?

Is your writing valuable, when some of the people you care about the most, won’t read it, because they don’t consider it hard work…..or they judge you as lacking logic, or they want you do what they want you to do?

It’s these little moments when what other people think matters, because they matter, you care, and the lack of grace they express to you in a judgement of your lack of value, hurts.

This article is stored energy through my fingertips. It’s the only thing I’ve got, that will help me hold onto what I feel is of value. Medicine. Medicine for me, for the people, and for our world. It’s art medicine. My art. Our medicine.

It looks crazy to some. I like to say a little bit goes a long way. That’s love talking, and hope too.

I could get angry, in fact, I already did. I could get sad, ashamed for my expression of graceless anger, and want to cry, but I already did, and the tears are welling.

Thanks to the keyboard, I can put it here, share it, hope it helps another artist, somebody else who doesn’t feel validated for their efforts, another kindred spirit who would rather make something of value to share, than put a price tag on it.

I have a talent. I am a teacher. Welcome to school. Your welcome for the lesson. It’s free. I hope it helps. I know it does. Me.

In case you were wondering, yes. This was a selfish act of counseling. I needed it. You just get the benefit, because I shared it. I wish you could hear me sing right now. I need that too.

So if your in a state of frustration, mired at a judgement of your work and play as having no value, take care, of your self. If your in charge of your emotions, it can take care of others at the same time. Good trade. Thanks for reading.