Letting go of my best friend

In the moment of realization, sadness unleashed, not by an action of another. Having failed to meet a basic standard again, a plan that bore a fruit of grief, was solidified. A windswept waterway white-capped tear. Something I knew was near.

Anticipated it as a spear, brought to a bear. The others were forced into air by a rescue need met. This one shed light on wild open water, the source of our shared happiness. He and I, are a we no more, and watching him see it, was overwhelming.


Making Morale Meters

I like the idea of having a morale meter/graph/red button/pocket full of red flags, and a number associated with the transgression or achievement on job sites. Why not measure the patterns recording them for everyone to see, and regularly witness what makes a group harmonic?

If I could just learn the trick of throwing a red flag at the ceiling, and piercing it with a tool so it sticks like well made spaghetti.

When are we going to build the portable ping-pong deck, and break dirt on the playgrounds? It makes me sick that I don’t have a target range, balancing beam, vertical rope, fire pole, teeter-totter, proper high swing, slide into the water, and jungle gym for break time. There’s something swiftly satisfying about the feeling of grabbing an over-sized merry-go-round when it’s spinning at top speed, and having your legs fly in an arch up high.

Years ago I coded the word into a riddle, for my nephew. What does it mean? It’s like trust, and not necessarily a good thing. Depends on what the flavor is. The riddle was something like this: It’s a six letter word starting with M, for motivation. O is for opportunity. R is for responsibility and respect. A is for action. He got it before I got to the end. I forget what I would have said. Must have been something like longevity, or laughter for L, and enthusiasm, or eagerness for E.

What makes work fun? Mischief. That’s right, it’s an invitation. A graceful one. Let there be some. And gambling. Soft and full of anticipation, gambling makes things spicy. It’s like the free association cards(PO decks, which stands for Positive Operation, or Potential Opportunity etc), used for critical thought.

For example, when the solution is the worst thing you could possibly do, like melt all of your tools into a lump of metal, the other options spring out. The misery you think about is funny, and liberates your mind from the rule, of making things work. Work can be play, especially if you love the work. I do, and I know it’s good enough that others do too!!!!