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I love words, especially words I can relate to. Words forming symbols? New for me, and I dig it.



Have make will deliver

When the canvas is chosen and the moment in the day when everything else gets to go away, this morning, I chose elements of earth. That’s right. I chose dirt, rock, mud, stone, wood, metal, water, sweat, and smoke.

Sculpting like a meditation, raking with the grade of the land, harmonizing elements of different structure with the intention, action, and result meeting to unify them in the purpose, of make do can do.

Right now I pull my fingertips back from the plastic keyboard, in the hope of touching something more of today. A canvas of outside. One I’m more familiar with. Let it be beer, water, coffee, smoke, a piece of paper, pencil, knife, eraser, a straight edge, and a dog.

filled 005