One of My Patrons Asked for a Receipt…

She is a Single Mom Gambler, and I think she might be a Spun-Out Junkie Whore.

She keeps asking me if I’m going to kill her which is pretty endearing, because it shows me that she cares enough to die for me.

You can’t buy that at Wal-Mart so I take her shopping there, and we dance down the aisles sharing a set of ear-buds.

We buy batteries for her flashlight, and clothing for her daughter.

She keeps asking me what I want for what I give, and I keep telling her.

She lies to both of us, and says she can’t.

I get what I want as her growing tears, show the truth in our budding friendship.

I’m disturbed that she might die any day, but she teaches me how to live at the bottom with style.

I miss the danger in her steps as barely disguised wariness, mixing wildly with her flamboyant attire.

She is a gem in a sea of outcasts, so I think of her often wishing she would call, with lies for me again.

Thanks for the money, it brought me happiness when she smiled from it.

I’ve only given her about ten bucks for Gambling, the rest has gone into her get-away car.


Her man is asleep

I began to fall in love with her, as a junkie to a pipe. It was immediate, satisfying, and scary. The look on her face of excitement at seeing mine, was her curiosity for me as a flame in my heart.

I could never get enough of her. She leaned out to me and gave me hope, but it all started to come crashing in. This was many months ago, and still I wish she was here. She gave me laughter, songs to listen to that filled her up, and I won’t forget.

Her man is asleep, so I gave her my number. I wish she’d call because in my dedication to that feeling she holds onto, I hope to wake him up. Out of loyalty she already tried too much, and he hasn’t died. She left him before it happened, but he’s asleep now and she can’t move on.

I asked her if she was broken hearted, because her beauty lifted mine. I couldn’t understand why such a precious woman, so full of what appeared to be thoughtful joy, would love me. She did for a little while, but then as usual I wrecked it. She said yes I am. It was enough as I saw the trails of darkness tainting her past that reflected onto her falling shoulders, and it was surprise for my question.

Maybe if I hadn’t tried so hard and pretended not to care, she would call me. I told her I wouldn’t be back to see her, and I haven’t been. She’s standing alone in a little box, waiting for the sun that will let her day end. I’m waiting for the sun that will shine in me, if she let’s me try. Maybe he will die soon, and she can have a chance at happiness again. It might not matter, but she knows I’ll show up to build it, and that does to me2009.

Toys R Tools Work Iz Play

When I started this blog with help from a friend 5000 miles away, over the phone we came up with the temporary title of “benjaminsreclaimedart”. Over a year later (my software skills are better for wearing soft suits), I have finally changed the address!! This posting was written in anticipation of the moment when I could reveal a name worthy of my energy!!

The bottom of the page is a message to the designer of my icon. TATWIP is not a blog. It’s a dream. A way of life, a train of thought, a philosopy, and an art.

Donate enough money, and I'll remove the shadow so you can see me in rubber boots.....:) How much is enough? 20 million quid will do for starters, this is an expensive dream well worth your donation.

Thank you J-

The hardest thing I can do is make a decision, so bear with me, my mecurial nature is open to suggestions in the air at this step.

It made me feel confused or unclear, like I should draw up some sketches like last time I did this with another designer, giving you a flavor to go from. How much time did this take you? I hope that didn’t come out wierd on your end.

We’re still in the visualization/manifestation/materialization stage. Started thinking maybe just the TTWP put together somehow. Like TWPT, or WPTT or TaT WiP or WiP TaT Or TATWHIPPED. Or WhippedTAT….hmmm. I’ll get out a sketch tonight after work so we can harmonize….Design of logo is something I take really seriously…..Brand recognition.

Free Association:

Professional, school, trades school, break rule, KISS (my best advice to myself, forever: Keep It Simple Stupid), Thought Revolution, Student Teacher, Doctoral Novice, radical proven principle real truth….Purpose….Lifestyle…Scholar With A Blue Collar……Equality….Undomestication….Adaptation…Harmony of learning environment….Building a place where learning is fun. Having built them…..I want to continue to.

Breaking the rules of thought (the other definition of insanity); evolutionary business principles.

Education we can bear to carry in our minds, without needing meditation, and years of practice, to remove every last scrap of crap, the institutionalized system of thought, has programmed into our pawn heads, to dominate, control, and manipulate us, into being tools of a system, meant to keep the rich filthy richer, and the poor starving on the floor of some musty box…..

I sold my biggest possession today….Which means I have a pocket full of Benjamins. I can mail more if need be. Keep doing what your doing. I love it enough, to share the team spirit with the world.




Letting go of my best friend

In the moment of realization, sadness unleashed, not by an action of another. Having failed to meet a basic standard again, a plan that bore a fruit of grief, was solidified. A windswept waterway white-capped tear. Something I knew was near.

Anticipated it as a spear, brought to a bear. The others were forced into air by a rescue need met. This one shed light on wild open water, the source of our shared happiness. He and I, are a we no more, and watching him see it, was overwhelming.

Right now!?!!!!!

Underrated in education and the workplace is the value of the pupil to discover new ideas and ways to accomplish tasks. If the pupil is engaged and focused in the moment, not worrying about the test next Tuesday, or the kid that told them they were stupid yesterday….they may be able to give the teacher a new idea….This article is coming from a study I did on the five stages of a non-profit, and a fantastic book on creative ideating/critical thinking/problem solving.

When the teacher or mentor who is stuck on a practice of the past, fails to adapt to the changing needs in an environment (it’s also known as Founder’s Syndrome), the solution or opportunity are missed, and the problem prevails.

It happens when your biggest dreams come true….unless you let go of the attachment to the original vision, interpretation and design enough, to evolve your thinking.

Otherwise you become the student of your own failure as your learning and ability to teach, are unified in purpose, intention, action, and result, when you think free….or not.

If you break the rules of thought look forward to a title of honor, or the categorization that is used to defame, destroy, or otherwise devalue a person and idea. Without breaking the rules of thought though, your oatmeal is going to taste the same every morning, while the neighbor is cooking it in a hand-made pine needle basket, with fire heated rocks.

I will give myself an honorary title if I do my best. I will search for the kid inside of myself, and name that person Spear Tip, Custodian, or Recreational Assistant if my actions reflect the titles.

I hate to repeat myself if people didn’t listen and I love to teach, if it works. I hate the idea of advertising, but I love advertisements and promotion. I did all of that here I can hope to believe, by promoting an ad and learning a lesson, by editing it…….(this is the eighth rendition)……again. 🙂

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