Why © 2011-2014 Benjamin 0?

I dance, sing, draw, paint, sculpt, and write. This clipboard represents the crossroads between my art and money. As I make money fixing and building wheels, bicycles, fences, and houses, the work becomes play when I combine it with art. Usually this comes in the form of singing, which got me fired once, so welcome to my blog!

My goal as a writer is to give you surprise, laughter, grimaces, or tears. I love blogging because it gives me a way to learn, teach, and share my passion for creativity instantaneously!

Throughout history art has defined the course of cultural development, and so I promote it here in the interest of improving education. In my experience WordPress is a wonderful place of free expression with shared encouragement, and I see it as a healthy environment for me to develop the talents for accomplishing my dreams.

Over the last thirty years I have invested time, money, tears, laughter, and passion into becoming a professional artist.  If you love what I do here and want to be a part of it flourishing, please promote it with likes, comments, shares, or donations.

The network that represents this stored energy, or potential passive income stream is represented by the websites below. Some of them are developed well, some of them are just beginning, and one of them is still a secret I like to call Chrysalis Draft Craft. I hope that my efforts to share creative education brightens your days, gives you knowledge, and entertains you.

Media I Love
A website dedicated to Celebrating Art in all its flavors, with a primary focus on Books, Movies, and Music. By nature I’m an Ambivert (which means I’m Introverted and Extroverted depending on the weather, how much I ate, what kind of work I’m doing, etc.), so I love the world inside my head, as much as the real world.

By writing this blog I’ve come to appreciate my cycles of depression, as love for art combining with a pattern to escape in it. When I find what thrills me, I will repeat the experience out of love for it, or at other times to save myself.  My passion for art has brought me misery and shame, so it seems fitting that it also brings me salvation.

Books movies and music take me to foreign places in my mind, and sharing the joy they bring me on these sites, gives me  hope that they could give you the same satisfaction.

Social Media I Love
This canvas is a forum dedicated to celebrating the pleasures found in exploring the social media world. Does a sign on a busy freeway count as social media? To me by literal definition it does. It’s a medium of communication that reaches a mass of people. That’s media to me. The plural of an art medium distributed massively.

It’s a fresh approach to social media for me. I love all the forms, so I’m hoping others will contribute to the website by expressing their joys for internet social media, while I dedicate my energy to creating jigs for them to fill, and writing about my curiosity for the older styles.

Playmates Remembered

In my childhood I was exposed to the naked body as a simple fact of life, where respect of personal boundaries, the honor of shared health, and a safe place to bring them together existed. The clothes we use to preserve our modesty, protecting us from judgement, nature, and our own vanity are great, but if you put a cover on art nobody gets to enjoy it.

As a platform to express my love for the beauty of women, physical appearance will take an oxymoronic back burner to the other forms of gorgeousness they represent, to me. Since exposing their bodies to get ahead, many of these women have gone on to lead lives outside the public eye….and I’m curious to hear their stories. I may not get a single response, or I may get to hear fantastic things they’re doing, either way I’ll search for ways to appreciate them for who they are now.

Puppy Love Productions

This is my company dedicated to the love for dogs. I’ve found that my puppy is the best medicine I could have prayed for, as he brings me happiness, a sense of well being, and oxytocin when we cuddle. Since becoming friends with him, I’m glad to report that the chronic depression cycles I’ve experienced in my life, have gone away.

My goal with the website is like me, multifaceted. I will educate, learn, produce, dream, and make….in the name of my best friend Skeeter. He’s a challenge, and a blessing in my life which I’m thankful for every day.



    1. Ha! Your awesome. Thanks Steven. I haven’t decided whether I do them or not, but your encouragement in this way makes me smile. Your the only person that ever gave me an award….other than the police reports that I should frame. 🙂


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