Attitudes are Contagious

Yesterday I was reading my feed, and I came upon two bloggers that were struggling with Trolls.  I’d like to contribute to their momentum, by encouraging them to keep on keeping on, regardless of haters.  670I hope this can help WordPress remain a safe place for them to share their thoughts, and I fully encourage anybody who wants to help me do so.

TK & HFCT, only let the people into your garden that won’t step on the flowers.  I see how much effort you share with the world on your blogs, appreciate the courage that it takes for you to write as you do, and it pissed me off that you’re getting negative feedback.

Ouch!  I just got a message from TK, and it was pretty embarrassing.  I had to look up “IRL” to understand why I was anxious…..and now I’m just disgusted!!  Its only happened to me twice that I know of, but the insidiousness of feeling hunted in real life is ugly, and the perpetrator of it deserves a rock upside the head as far as I’m concerned.  Sorry gal.  That’s toxic.










    1. Your welcome Shelley. I have a hard time not getting angry when I feel kicked for my efforts to make the world a better place, and it takes people like you who are willing to share the vulnerabilities of their hearts to do it. Stay strong.


    1. A little bit of fear is healthy, and will keep you alive. Your dwelling is supposed to be a sanctuary, so if somebody is entering it to steal something, se la vi, but if their intention is more insidious….? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as feeling safe in your home is a basic need that everybody can relate to. Besides, people will like you more if you ask for their help. 🙂 This has happened to me, so I understand the feeling. I had a guy writing on my wall. A frigging count down of all things. Makes me wish I had hidden video cameras, because my puppy was too small, so I was worried about leaving him alone. Not so much anymore, he’s almost full grown, and I’m pissed. The cops weren’t helpful. Didn’t even come out to look at the damage. They can’t afford a night shift of officers, and I don’t have close neighbors. I warned them that it could get ugly if I found the guy…I’ve always hated video cameras at private residences, and I have a soft spot for squatters, but that has changed for me now. I need peace of mind to finish the remodel, the place isn’t even habitable. I hope you take steps to stay safe, your comment reminded me why I felt unhinged on site.


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