A Note To My Lawyer

Dear Protector of Civil Liberty,

In recent posts the direction of my writing has taken a bigger leap towards inappropriate or otherwise socially unacceptable subjects and content. I hope you see this as promoting art in education, and as a benefit in the future through billable hours in court, if it goes viral.

I do my best to dive into imagination with my wordplay, and at the same time skirt the edges of social acceptance, to teach and learn about the dynamics between creative thought, revolutionary education, and the health of society.

For instance, if you find offense when I yank your skirt down around your ankles and finger paint designs for a potential tattoo in your mind, please forgive my lack of grace, or return the favor out of frustration that I’m not actually finger painting you.

Resistance has a flavor developed from the struggle for justice and humanity, and my hunger for them is satisfied at times, with the pursuit of a juicy questionable statement. An example of this is Eminem rapping,”If I had a million bucks, I’d still be out robbing armored trucks, if I had one wish, I’d ask for a big enough ass, for the whole world to kiss.” If you strip the anti-social flavor of his message away, you’ll find the cadence of his words fit together amazingly, which embraces my joy for poetry.

Taboo is popular while failure is not, and as you can take that to the bank, I’m working on it. My writing has always been notes to you as my legal council, so pick and choose from my blogs to meet the needs in your defense of social change.

Hopefully my journeys into the land of sexual innuendo won’t be seen as a cheap trick, as I learn to bury it in double meanings, so you can embrace the fun in dirty minded thought, without my assistance. At the same time, I’m an advocate for your fantasies including me, so feel free to see my expressions as an opportunity to get horny, as I’m doing my best to help you defend imaginative thought with them, so you can enjoy the court proceedings, and win the case.

It seems to me that the people who break the rules of thought and get away with it; keep their mouths shut, are employed or certified by institutions to do so, or are called eccentric because their bank account is big enough to afford lawyers…..so breaking the rules is only acceptable if done with permission, or a suitcase of cash.

I believe in a free country, so have a good spring while it lasts. I look forward to not seeing you, because I keep blowing all my cash on internet domains, and food to fuel my writing. Keep on imagining a free world, where people share water, and Notaries are there to give you back rubs as,”The most contagious thing on the planet, is an idea”.


Benjamin 0



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