On Truth

The knot keeps the Remora alive while the fisherman catches his meal, so I see it as the ultimate bait. I hope my writing can become that knot, like this poem just did. His response to my inquiry on what it meant was awesome!! I’m now his Remora. http://www.ask.com/question/remora-shark

Merely A Blip In Time

 Wake up
and smell the fire.

Truth is double-edged
like the Iwadoshi,
Bushido of Musashi.
Slashing to the essence
spilling out the insides. 

A Black Hole’s event horizon
twisting our marbled Milkyway.

Cronos eating his creations
as they sip from Tiamat’s bosom.

O’ Beautiful Disaster-
instigator of Noah’s Ark:
A giant buoy.
Reminder that we are but

  Merely A Blip In Time.

Under the microscope
rugged edges are smoothe. 
Curved metal rough.
Molecular and atomic mirages
shattering the world as we know it.

Light would tell you he is
faster than everything.
Gravity would laugh.
And she, Time, would tell you
that he is a liar.

My Momma used to say,
“No matter how good you get
there’s always gonna be someone
bigger and badder than you.”
But my parents also taught me

  The Path of Least Resistance. When the line drops bite the hook don’t fret on where you…

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