A Taboo Merry Go Round

Isn’t it fascinating that awesome things like medicine and love become tainted by individuals in the pursuit of selfish agendas?  This concept is coming from an article I read earlier tonight on a father who was choosing to Steward a child through adoption, and was finding a pattern of profiteers in other countries, who were hiding descendancy records, because they’d stolen the children.

It keeps coming up in my life, and I wonder at it.  What is the nature of condemnation, and how do we use it to preserve what is sacred to meet the needs of community serenity?  I’m talking about culture change if you haven’t caught on.  I struggle to put what I think and feel into coherent meaning with words, so bear with me, that was not an implication that I’m smarter than you.

I spend a great deal of time denouncing pride as a weak spiritual perspective, and it keeps coming up.  People assume the worst about me because I’m artistically charming.  Isn’t that messed up?  I wonder at it and that’s what this post is about: wonderful things that people turn sour, for the sake of attachment to perspectives.

As one of the foundations for creative thought, objectivity is important to me.  Preserving the right to put a question mark at the end of a sentence is frankly, dangerous.  How can that be?  O a myriad of ways.  I could start listing them off for you, but then you might think I’m delusional instead of imaginative?

In the honor of prohibition, I’m going to crack another strawberry hard cider to help this post gather flavor……  Aah that’s better.  WordPress Freshly Pressed is a joke.  That’s right!!  It fills me with great pleasure to print out that page and fill my ass-wipe bucket with the properly edited popularized words.  Freedom of expression in art for me, isn’t about word rules.  It’s about sharing something hotter than truth, because it burns me up as this topic does.

I’ve only found one word with a definition that has Magic in it.  Literally.  Go look it up.  I’m charming as fuck and it bores me to no end when people fear the pleasure I want to give them.  I have what is collectively known as magnanimity when I’m jolly, and you know what it gets me?  Anxiety.  I hesitate to post this.  Why?  Because getting along with everyone is cursed by powerful people, as their power is founded on people disagreeing.  I used the word “curse” intentionally to represent how my ancestors were slaughtered for this very same personality flaw/blessing, so if you consider yourself a Christian as I do, you may want to put your perspective in check about Witchcraft, as your computer is techno-wizardry, science is alchemy, and sportsmanship is much more fun.

You want to know what I hold onto?  I bet you do.  I’m not starting a church, that’s why my sixth blog is secret.  All the drafts are sitting there molding, and I’m hesitant to launch them to avoid being worshiped.  I don’t want fame, recognition, power, or money.  I want happiness.  I pursue it by starving, sculpting, eating, dancing, singing, drawing, building, and writing.

I have social power and it makes me confident and strong.  I’m broke as shit, and drinking good alcohol that I got from begging.  That’s another reason for the donation button: money doesn’t taste as good as joy.  I believe you’ll love me as most people do, and I have faith that my efforts aren’t based on individual goals.

I’m in the prime of my life and I’m not afraid to die any more, so it makes me feel like a rock star.  I’m sick of living in a world of preconceived notions, so when I behave wildly, it brings me joy.  That’s what this post is.  I’m giving you ample reason to denounce me, and you know what, that’s fun for me!  Give me money so I can be happy?  Fuck that!!!  I think about suicide every day.   Change the world we live in folks.  We’ve got the power to do that if we choose to.  Give me money if you think I’m doing something righteous.

Since I’m working on my third beverage and my time/spatial IQ is beginning to get weird, I’m happy.  This post is really bringing me laughter.  Just a second, I have to finish this one and crack another.  On that note, fuck it, I’m gonna finish the whole six-pack.  I’ll get back to this once I don’t have any more.

The alcohol is now gone and I’m struggling to type, let alone spell.  I’m happy to report that my typing it becoming more crystallized with drunken practice, and that I put down the rest of it while posting on my friends Facebook walls as a WordPress associate, and that was naughty fun.

Okay, so I’m attempting to get serious and I find it really difficult, but I have faith in my talents developed from sharing with you, and want to meet your expectations with something excellent…..even though I’ve got the hiccups.

I think the freedom of speech needs to be reworked.  The definition I found on Wikipedia trapped me in the idea of maintaining a sense of legality, and frankly I don’t give a shit about the laws of man when they don’t reflect the higher laws of humanity.

I’m not a danger to other people.  I care about them and want to see the world improve, so whats the deal yo?  The deal is to play the cards.  What are the cards I’ve been dealt?  I’ve got creativity nailed.  It fills me up to overflowing, and pours out of me in tears when I don’t meet it.

I’m gonna go watch the movie that I commented on earlier, so I can fulfill the hope of another blogger.  That will feel righteous, and will meet my short term goals.  Keeping it simple.  Good morning!!!


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