How to Find Gold: Know Where to Look

Pride stands on the top of a mountain in the sun, grinning as a win tomorrow.  At the bottom of a pit curled in a ball, crying tears of shame into the lonely dark, was the loss of yesterday.  These are the perceptions of polarization, the angels and demons that battle for serenity.

Devotion runs through the dappled shade of the moment, with tears drying in patches of sunshine, and a humble beginning surrendered today, to the spirit of our wordplay: Please welcome Jessica to WordPress, by peppering her blog with likes, comments, shares, and follows!!!

I remember what it felt like to begin blogging here, how each new follow was exciting, and I’d watch the scales of my stats to evaluate how good I was. Faith in my purpose guided me through my shaky beginning, and her purpose tastes healthy to me, so while I don’t think she’ll need our help immediately, why not give it?

I’m perpetually thankful for the encouragement I get, and wouldn’t it be cool to give somebody a full round of applause just for joining us? She will run into the same challenges we all do as writers, learning the tricks of how her words fit together to strengthen her voice, while sharing her vulnerabilities by opening her journal to the world. She says, “Here I am. Send me”, so let’s send her like a home run baseball for the sake of how it will feel for her, and how it would have felt for us!!


“Send us to the nations, to the broken. Lead us to surrender we will go.”

During worship, I will often open my journal, write down a lyric, and piggyback a journal entry from those lyrics. Through these lyrics I am reminded of the word “surrender.” I love this definition of surrender: “to abandon oneself entirely to,” to abandon oneself entirely to Christ, or the calling of God’s life. When you look up surrender it quickly is defined as losing, giving up, or being defeated. However, in Christ, “surrender” simply means to give full control over oneself. Now I say “simply,” but if you are a Christian, you will know it is not a simple task to surrender completely. One of my favorite places in the bible is Isaiah 6:8. “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, ‘Whom shall I send and who will go for us?’ and I said…

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