What will your last words be?

When the media comes calling, and you’ve got a chance to create a sound bite, what will it be? I was taught that the answer should be the same to every question regardless of relevance. What is it that you want to say, because whatever you do, that will be all that’s printed.

My glasses aren’t rose-colored, in fact at times they’re black and covered in dust. I see injustice when I care to look, and the only times I stop caring to, is when the collective voice chants,”No!”.

The mob is full of anger chanting a frustration to the world, and I don’t want to be swept up in a moment of passion built on hate. Grassroots movements don’t require a devil to fight, or a bully to whip.

If you’re an activist and are dedicated to changing the world, what do you want to see built? What is the thing you fight for, and are you focusing on that or the thing you wish to destroy?

This idea came to me out of frustration from not being able to answer Peoples inquiries after I burnt out. They wanted to know what I was doing with my time, and I didn’t have an answer that would fit into how they saw me.

For years I’d chosen to be the change I wished to see in the world, by eating vegan, only riding on bicycles, and participating in demonstrations. I carried signs, pamphlet-ted, raised money, sat in meetings, played parts in guerrilla theaters, blockaded roads, went to jail repeatedly, talked to reporters, wrote press releases, and a variety of other volunteer efforts for the sake of the movement.

Like I said, my glasses aren’t rose-colored, in fact at times they lie smashed on the ground at my feet, with each shard representing something I failed to help, or something I did. As the population of our world grows, the problems we face grow too. If you want to contribute to a cause, pick one. What’s the flavor of your hate? Really?!?

I’m writing this article to remind myself to demonstrate the difference between demonstration and protest. The media has a heyday ruining protests. Who wants to see a crowd of angry people on the corner shouting doubts? I don’t. It makes me feel sick.

There are always two sides to a coin, and in my experience, the one that fits me best is the struggle within myself to be honorable as the coin. What is the soapbox you stand on? I had a guy criticize me recently and tell me that I didn’t need a doctorate, and I should use less wordplay. Huh. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I should put up, shut up, and give up.

So what works? What part of acting for the collective health of our world will I be willing to chant as my last words? When the chips are down, and I leave a legacy as a message on my tombstone, what will it be? I don’t want a tombstone, so where will my ashes go? If I disappear in the night, will people miss my laughter or be glad for the respite from my rages?

I love it when a group of people work together to change something. A team on the playing field of life setting out to win. The other team might be playing against you, but at least the game can be fun. Maybe the umpire is corrupt. So what? Wouldn’t it feel better if you won while the ref was cheating?

I hope this inspires me to be more critical of my posts, to take out the judgements, the generalizations, and the doubts. To preserve what I believe in, instead of chanting down a system that brings me frustrations by failing to meet the needs of the underdogs.

The ability to make life ends with a period, while the ability to potentially make life starts with a period. I believe in the ability of the question mark to change the world, do you? What is the change you wish to see? Do you hope for something? When you see something on the street, do you ask yourself a question about it, or make a preformed judgement to chant out doubts, and in the process miss what life is about?

Thanks for reading my articles. I love what gratitude does for my spirit, and when you give me a reason to appreciate what you do, you make it in me.


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