“Hey Bully! I Make Friends With Pretty Girls!!”

196I’d rather share an apple than eat one in front of somebody, is that because I don’t sell apples?

It seemed to me in high school that the beautiful people with their white perfect teeth and shiny new cars, were the offspring of the same type of people. You put a rich pretty and a rich pretty together, and that’s what you’d get. I prefer the odd pretties who drive cars for function…maybe that says something about my parents…and the cars I drive….

What you said about popularity in school was true to me on a basic human level too. Over the last year of dealing with disappointment in my love life, I had friends choose to steal, scorn, and spite me. I saw it as a reflection of my past generosities, and how they were ashamed not to return them.  While they fought themselves in prideful rejection of pain while preserving their social status, my heart broke again.

Being willing to fall into misery with the hope of expanding my capacity for compassion, was a hard choice to make.  At the same time, perpetuating a cycle of hatred because of unmet expectations, doesn’t feed my spiritual well being and wastes my life energy, so it was worth the effort.

As my friendship filters thicken, I’m saddened by the ones who added layers, but the people I’m learning to appreciate more help me feel content:  Thanks gal, for inspiring this post with the spark of our friendship’s potential.  Bullies Beware!!



    1. Right on! The phrase came from a conversation with one of my Nephews best friends via Facebook about her discovery in the cultural differences of expressing compassion. She thought that it would be awesome if she could bring home the way Brazil uses it to strengthen a community. I did my best to convince her how admirable that was as a goal, and gave her some food for thought with the idea of compassion fatigue. To succeed as an individual is something the US is proud of, and while it leads to innovation and self reliance, it also pressures people to neglect each other. Another balancing act for sure. Thank you for sharing the vision of a more compassionate world in the way you do. Your blog rocks!!!


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