Success for the Entreprenurial Artist

084Maybe I should start a hotline: 1-800-2gr-aves, and hire out as muse for revenge. It’s always seemed like more fun to think about it, than to actually do it.

I could be a denizen of hate, wearing a cape with the symbol of mutual demise, and paint my soul onto the seeds of war.

Unfortunately as an artist, this is just another example of way I could make lot’s of money, by meeting the demand of a tainted spirit.

Let me know if you want a business plan, as I have too many, and it bores me to think of the ones I know will work easily.

Give me a slice of impossible, mixed with challenge I might never meet. I live for a climb up a ladder with no rungs, a rope with a grappling hook of spaghetti, and a group of friends who toil tirelessly, to dig a dream well.

Keep your spite, anger, profits, and earnings. I want passive income in a stream of effort, building into a dam that will blow into sharing, for the betterment of people who dare to care.085

I know people who sweat on the tear drops of disappointing times, and they bed down on the loneliness of collectivism, in a house of individuals.

With their last breaths they pump community supplies, each heartbeat as a vision of planting seeds, into the demands of an age.

So yes, add a “Donation Button” to your blog, as it’s proven to work, and if your efforts continue to build the well-being of all, your reward should be to share in it.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of how to generate income blogging, from an old schooler whose second biggest income stream, comes from donations.090

As we share the wind on the boat named “Media Medicine”, I hope this helps to fill your sales.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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