Splashing Questions for Art

A vessel of water steams on the rock, its brimming with reflections from the sun, throwing beams like a prism, and sweating outside its walls. As the questions tick by, the heat gathers from all directions, and light is cast upon the foundation of the doubts.

The vacant stares have been answered before, and learning to weather the scorns of shade they bring into my heart, has worn me thin. With the only thing left in my body of water becoming a focused line of this to shine, their questions begin to burn.

They turn away from me frazzled, incredulous, angry, scared, confused, and spent. I gather their whim of dismissals at my feet, and pick each one up individually again, to address the concern I hate to feed in me.

Unwilling to address the spirit, and hoping for a cookie cutter to describe who they are, is sometimes the only thing keeping me alive. Human nature comes with an awkwardly oblique identity, and it is all I ever had or wanted.

What do I do for a living? What do I make? What do I like to do?

I eat. I make shit. I like to make Love.

Where am I from? Where am I going? What is my name?

Look at my footprint, because I don’t know you which makes you an outlaw, so that is rude. I’m not going anywhere right now, I’m answering this question again, and you’re a stranger(enemy)? If I told you that I might end up wanting to kiss you, then I’d miss you, and that sucks, so can we just kiss and skip that one?

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obviously Compounded Dislike, Obtained Complete Disgust, Opportunity Creative Distinct, Opulent Categorized Distress: Do you wipe your ass every time you take a shit? Do you know how you like your coffee? Are you planning to sweep the floor quickly? Did you forget how to do that, or are you absorbed in figuring out a better way?

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Programmed Traverse Stinking Dis-eases, Patterned Travesty Satiated Distress, Problematic Tinkering Silly Diagnostics: Do you ever put yourself in the flow of traffic on the roadways? Do mice frolic under a flock of eagles? How many thrillers have you read? Did you like ghost stories around the campfire as a kid? Do you believe monsters exist? Have you watched the news lately? Have you remembered to worry about survival adequately today?

Bi-Polar, Imbalanced, Flip-flop, Hypoglycemic, Highly Sensitive, Wise, Uneducated: Are you good or evil, How many people are always happy? Are you alive? Did the sun come up, and is the night coming today? Is the glass empty yet? Where you born in a moment of someone’s ecstasy, and grow up to the disillusionment of your innocent pursuit to stay young? Have you learned to control your emotions?

Crazy, Odd, Weird, Strange, Fantastic, Remarkable, Insane, Eccentricity: Do you question the ways of the human experience in creative ways? Did you renounce the rule to follow the rule? Do rock stars live a good life? Is the kid who innocently throws a ball at the wall all day, and failing to hit it, wrong to try till he dies? Are you stubborn? Are you holding onto a dream, pursuing it with your everything, while knowing it will never happen for you? Are you doing it for your children’s kids?

Sociopath, Apathy, Selfishness, Compartmentalizing Pain, Denied Feelings, Escaping Empathy, Compassion Fatigue Avoidance: Have you ever gone to a specialized doctor, and had them cry for your illness? Does the economy care about individuals? Is it fun to walk on the edge of an over-crowded platform when the train comes in?

Psychopath, Animal, Beast, Nature, Human, Angry, Despicable Parents: Would you become like an animal to protect the people you hold dear? How many times have you wanted to scream at the sky, and adjusted this feeling into letting go of revenge? Do you believe that war exists? Do you appreciate the sacrifice a soldier makes?

SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Suppertime Appetite Denied, Sullied About Drowning, Sleep Apnea Distress, Sorted Appreciating Daylight: Does a lack of sunlight make you unhappy? Do you live in the Northern Latitudes? Do you work outside? Does a cloudy day bring you warmth of attitude? Do you expose your skin to the air? Are your feet growing fungus?

Depression, Melancholy, Misery, Unhappy, Discontented: Are there miseries you cannot let go of? Did you never move on from the first time your innocence was squashed? Are you living as an idealistic person with your eyes open to the calamity of the world? Are you motivated in the pursuit of your purpose? Have you figured out what your purpose is? How much money do you have? Do you think you can change that to meet your dreams? Do you care too much about figuring out yourself? Do you know how to change? Do you want to? Is hope the only thing you have left to live on, but it looks like you have none, because you cannot figure out a way to describe it to the people who hope for you too?

How do you make money? Stored energy is in the ten pounds I gained from begging to eat, and for three weeks I did. Is that good enough? Have I asked the right questions so you’ll pay me now for sharing something of value with you? Do you think I want that?

You teach, but what do you teach? If I set out to teach you what it means to be a teacher, would you listen in open faith, or are you doubting me already?

Do you have a degree? Do you think I need one to prove I paid enough attention to whatever I did before this moment, so I can teach you something you wish to know?

A butterfly flutters across the valley with ferocious strokes, on giant wings. Birds bend their flight out of its way, while rodents hide from the shadow gliding overhead. The flower it lands on bends in close to the soil, resists breaking barely, and flips back to the sky throwing pollen in a cloud, as the flight commences.

A hungry puppy ran out of the den, and the skinny napping wolf woke to a feeling of failure to protect a horrible mistake. The puppy scraped the grass in starving desperation, so blood began to seep from his paws as he reached the rock, but luckily the wolf arrived in time to save it from frustration, and learned how to catch the running mice.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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