The Best Medicine for me

I woke up this morning for the first time in too long, feeling great!!!. I had this funny sensation in my toes that tingled, tickled, and brought me a grin. I wiggled into it, brought my lips back in a little giggle, then feeling like a silly school kid, I twisted my ankle a bit to make the simple pleasure feel even better, and let out a stream of giggles that I wish I had recorded for this blog post.

As the feeling wore off, I managed to swing my other foot out from the sheets, in the hope that with a little bit of air it could go on, and luckily it did! Maybe the anticipation of it magnified the joy, or maybe I was just getting a little bit carried away with waking up to immediate pleasure, either way, as my puppy licked the bottom of that foot diligently from heel to toe, my laughter became stronger and enthusiastic!!

I usually call him up into the bed when I’m about to fall asleep, and he leaps up to immediately curl against me in satisfaction. He’s had plenty of training for nap time in our life together, so while it brings me a thought that I’ve trained him well, it’s in his nature to be sweet on me, and I can’t take all the credit.

Last night I didn’t call him up. He curled up on his bed on the floor, glad the night was over, and expressed his hope of joining me in a barely perceptible adjustment, before falling asleep. Being woken up by his kisses was a special treat. I knew he wanted to be let out to piss, run, and eat, but the way he went about it, was another example of him being the best medicine for me.



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