Blogging from the getaway car

When the law preserves the rights of immaterial behemoths to harvest fruits in decadent freedom, while children are born into the desolation of a salted garden, I begin to see why religions speak of hell.

When the power company says they will give me a base charge every month for two years, if I turn off the power I cannot afford, I wonder if this meter on their wall, is intended to convince me to feel like this:3756

I pity the degenerate few sole beneficiaries of our defunct policies, standing on balconies at the tops of towers across the world, plated in the blackened loneliness, of gold.

The humbled people find joy in the allay of each others tears, with the sound of a file on an axe, as this post is; rice kernels falling into a pot.

We need love, sunshine, water, food, shelter, and air. Love we share while the sun stays hot, the water is tainted, the food is in boxes on shelves, shelter is unaffordable, and the air is filled with the dark particulates of profit winning.

I worry not for the people living in mud huts, as they brandish shovels, and sing to the planting of seeds.

This is a cry out to the people in their palaces of glass and metal, who sit lazily in feigned contentment, staring at growing numbers on a screen that they see as wealth, but which also indicate the people’s unification of identity, in the demise of their potential to prosper.

Two hundred years ago we made a choice in this country to take a chance, and demanded the option to thrive. So it is now that only a few have the opportunity to share it, and if they don’t soon, we will do as we did before, by stripping their reigns from our faces, and taking it back.

When the laws represent profit, and money is not in the hands of the people who toil for it legally, civilians become outlaws out of necessity to survive, and the foundations of society begin to shake. For example, this graph is similar to the growth of the income in the richest 1% of the population in this country, over the same time period:693px-US_incarceration_timeline-clean-fixed-timescale.svg

Here’s a link to explain what our economy looks like in the footprints of the laws, that define corporations as having the same rights as people. Since the actions of these beasts are better represented as Santa’s, I mean Satan’s, I pray with this article for the justice found, in an exorcism of them from our law, our culture, and the world.


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