Pockets soft into slip fingers

2975Ate just you script a into mine flinging enjoying while curiosity your of benefit the reaping spot joy your inside up fun my plowing I’m. Now this reading your if fate of twist a it’s. Manners on shine to supposed isn’t sun the where post borderline this putting I’m , right that’s. Behind from you doing like around words the flipped I. Article this of nature taboo the at joy in tremble you do they as and belief of sanctuary your hit they before words the see you.

Gullet your down meat of treats shish-kabob stuffing and two in line the cutting now you to it give to here am I. More for want and bait the swallowing hook a on fish a as wiggle you. Charms my of acceptance your in delight a squirm you makes that thighs your between place the finding, dear hold I you.

Fear your devour to power the had I now you inside that unaware there trembling you loved I. Heart your into thoughts my fling and doubts your of bridge the off it throw, sanity your steal to fun was it.

Text printed of ground sacred the fill to around them turn. Lies not are that words of form the in lie I can how? Head my in truth of wall the against up me runs and easy is it. Pursuit this in fail to pale not do I. Print in would lie a as feeling funky a me brings it reverse in write to is it difficult.

As “fingers slip into soft pockets”, this is not gibberish, as I’m making fun of lies in the form of twisted art. A challenging practice, one I don’t hesitate to share, but have little to compare it to. To it compare to little have but share to hesitate don’t I one practice challenging a. Art twisted of form the in lies of fun making I’m as gibberish not is this, “pockets soft into slip fingers” As. 🙂


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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