The Editor is on holiday, so I’ll slip this in.

How do we edit our word art, without getting devoured by the need to make it perfect?

What will it take to maintain my passion for creativity, while building a quality standard that will remain acceptable to others?

As I take posts from years ago and re-make them in the hope of producing quality writing, I found an idea which brought me confidence, that I can dose the editor with when he returns.  Hopefully as he becomes silly with his fading sun tan, he won’t see that I’ve taken a partially created draft, and mixed it in with FB:

The text below was meant as a response to one of my friends on Facebook, which is a canvas I have a love hate relationship for.  In my perspective he’s in the land of debating big changes in his lifestyle and career, while passionately pursuing happiness, and as a result is becoming disillusioned with the rewards for his effort there.  I hope this isn’t too public and personal for him, and that it helps him in his transition by adding my efforts and encouragement to his.

Hey slice,

I had a teacher write down that the struggle we will experience in this lifetime will come down to two things: profit vs. people.

As you look down from your hilltop retreat at those of us who are like neanderthals wandering around in the dark troglodyte caves, I hope you find a purpose that brings you satisfaction, because you carry the laser light of internet knowledge.  When I see what you can do here, it reminds me that while my led flashlight consumes batteries slowly, yours plugs into the wall, can be seen from space, and becomes a Jedi sword.20140312-124736.jpg

Please recognize that your contributions are valuable to people who can stomach them intellectually, and that your energy is stored on this database as a passive income stream investment that could be tapped later. If you do decide to take down your wall, please save everything, as I am one of those people who gobble what you write whether I like it or not, as I’m hungry for information from people like you.

Your not like me and never will be, as I’m a kid with a keyboard who loves to think, and you’re a techno wizard with the skills to make this place whatever you want it to be. Sometimes wizards have to take a break from the peasants who want to chase them with fire torches, and dedicate their time to alchemy.

As I filter through the file of everything I saved last time I was wholeheartedly in your boots, I find your name in there with well-developed ideas, and awesome effort. On a blog recently I rediscovered that some of my post comments were actually just articles waiting to happen, or if I get enough momentum behind an idea potentially books.

I debate this idea you’re voicing for myself almost every day: Maybe it’s that I haven’t developed the coping mechanism of re-framing well enough to adequately define for myself, what I’m doing on social media. Why am I here? What does it do to benefit my life and other people’s lives outside the walls of social media? Is my purpose met with pure action? Is my action simple enough to blanket the bullshit and frustrations brought on by inadequate depth of thought being slung around like drugs on these domains?

From a spiritual perspective(religious I am not) I’m a perfect candidate to walk around with pride, scorn, arrogance, and superiority reigning supreme, due to my flexibility. This is literal, as I’m still capable of putting my feet behind my head while standing up, and it makes me weary of people who are rigid in their posturing…….and don’t work for the circus….inside their heads.

So how do I take that feeling of superior talent in flexibility, and turn it into a humble balance in my spirit?  With  one of the lowest paying jobs, no time off in my head, and a steep hill to climb with the feeling that my foot got stuck years ago on a publish button behind my ear, how can I avoid the cycle of pride and shame? What will it take so that I can justify to myself the worth it has to people, when I know that the marketing machine of media can at any time tap my words and ideas for the sake of profit by mining my investments for jewels, and earning royalties off my efforts?

I hope you don’t leave social media, and find a way to make your efforts worth your time, because the knowledge that most bloggers need to accomplish our goals online….pour out of you like a volcano.

I appreciate your efforts to debate thought process, education, science, politics, economics, and purpose. It brings me joy to read your ideas and learn from them, which doesn’t put food on the table for me yet, but hopefully will some day.





  1. Hmmm – it becomes clearer Benjamin.
    Sharon Stone sounds like a MUCH better deal dear.

    ‘idiot’ that I am – I simple presume people have read my WHOLE blog…and do not take all I say at face value 😉

    I do however believe you MAY have the wrong end of the stick somewhere – or maybe perhaps I do somewhat. It would be pleasant to understand. However I fear I do. If I am correct – you are wrong – however – if I am incorrect than you are right – either way, it is as it is. Time tells a long story – if we care to pay attention before presuming TOO much. Clarification is a gem worth more than any I have ever known – OR – to CLARIFY – WILL ever know – because I CHOOSE it to be so. NO ONE is in my head and my reasons are yet to be revealed –

    Don’t believe everything you read dear. Smoke and mirrors creates the image – the goal remains WHAT it is meant to be. 😉


    1. Precisely. I don’t believe everything I think, and by writing it down I hope to build faith for myself in what I do. If it meets somebody in the middle as truth, then it’s satisfying, and with your attitude, I believe it has somewhere.
      Likewise, every time I sit down and write, there comes a point when the kid comes out, and he’s naughty, so I can’t help but forgive myself later for silliness, a lack of talent, or a lack of wisdom, and the editor wakes up like a slumbering bear at times to make me feel the fool.
      Thanks for your input. I am pleased that I wasn’t cursed with telepathy also, as it’s hard enough to choose how I think, without hearing how or what others are thinking in the same moment. I do however love to step into someone Else’s thoughts and do my best to understand where they’re coming from while reading, in the hope of seeing something other than my own limited perceptions. If at the end of the exposure to their thoughts I’m inspired, like I was with your posting and blog earlier, I hope to share my frame of what that looked like.
      I love this thing, this magical device of sharing thoughts like blind gifts. Social media is a wonderful tooltoy for the introvert, the extrovert, and the ambivert. It floats between the social order allowing people to be something immaterial and potentially valuable. Like you. I can’t tell if you are a man or a woman, but I enjoy what I’ve seen of your mind. It’s clean for me, and I haven’t felt the need to pursue the issue, as it may be irrelevant.
      I think you are wrong about the title of your website though, and it brings me happiness to disagree with you….but at the same time…maybe your an idiot….or maybe you mean that your writing to idiots, so I am one….As you said, ditto on the intellectual pursuit of a well formed question mark at the end of what we think and write. You are fun. 🙂


      1. Fuuuuck – your writing just flows like liquid dear!
        It is a joy to read –
        It is soooo ;late here – but I could not force myself to slumber till you replied, so THANK you for doing it sooner rather than later 😀
        I like the little kid and editor part – I was SO trying to figure that one out *~*
        NOW I know – fancy that.
        Re the idiot bit – a bit of both hey 😉
        DID I say you are an idiot? To be fair – I actually only JUST clicked about the MUSE – A MUSE thing – made your comment over that side even more splendid. I love when concepts and understanding just start falling into space-(space is meant to be place but it sounds better as space – so I am leaving it as such!) It is somehow suiting.


      2. Your compliments show that you care and I dig that. A real person on the other end who enjoys my effort and wants to encourage it enthusiastically! I love it! It’s been a challenge to create on this deck without conversational feedback, so I appreciate your efforts maybe more than you know. I periodically take leaves of what my mom use to call, “mental health days” for months, so I can only blame myself for any lack of feedback. At the same time, I have a few friends who aren’t shy about expressing their enjoyment of me here, and I continuously am thankful for their presence. You are welcome to my canvas, the wax that are the words in my head flows better when it’s got some heat….which is you. 🙂 Sweet dreams and thanks again.


      3. Yeah….
        It must be the sun shining out my ass that is creating the heat hey 😉

        Listen – if I do not come around as regularly as I should – Please feel free to prompt me – I honestly get lost in the maze a lot – which is a bit crap really –

        Because – well just because. Because it makes me a shit when I forget. Thing is I HAVE to forget people because I get SO SO very attached to lovely people and it actually tears me up? I LIKE to enjoy that – and yet – well you can imagine. There is that thing called reality that is pretty weird sometimes. You are an absolute JOY to read and chat with Benjamin – thank you ~


      4. Likewise gal. Your welcome to it, as I’m enjoying this tit for tat, and went to sleep this morning to your comments waiting approval. Yes the light out of your ass is bright, and I’m catching a tan off of it, but as you say, the tears of unmet expectations, mine or others in friendship I know well. I will worry not, as I have to figure out how to edit my settings to avoid tripled notifications, and have emails stacked into crap I haven’t filtered. Ironic how the things I need and want most on this canvas become a hassle if not managed right. On that note, it is a pleasure to respond to your comments in the form of post links, with corresponding titles that reflect how I feel, so thanks again for the advice on that too. 😉


      5. Hi 😀 that last part was just too technical to continue speaking about hey ~
        ‘on the form post links with corresponding titles??’ do you mean the form for comments to be left? CAN you change that for each post Benjamin??
        AND WHY pray tell are you f=getting triple notifications?? Oh
        I wrote nice one today I think you will appreciate – I wrote shit loads of garbled rubbish too – but left a little special one in between it all 😉
        I will leave the link – cos that is much easier then – hope thats cool ~


  2. Ha! Yes my wording was jumbled on that comment. Thanks for the editorial advice, and sure, I’ll give it a go. I do like your title better, and have messed with the button to reflect something spicier than “comment”. The triplets come from all sides, the phone, WordPress, Facebook, and Emails. Frigging settings have me all sorts of confused. Thanks for leaving the link, my pleasure was filled up and brimming by where it took me:)


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