A leap out of the closet

Does identifying with a word helps me to be unafraid of the lifestyle changes I make? What do I miss in the feeling of acceptance I got from people, before I came out of the closet………………..of creative thought?

Do I do my best to honor and pursue respect from intelligent people with healthy morals in a constructive way, when I get overwhelmed by judgements and accusations of dis-ease? Is this what the evolution of how we think looks like? Have “odd people” done this for thousands of years? Is our over population on this planet the reason it’s so stigmatized?

Am I seemingly a stranger to the way you live your life? Does it appear as though I’m breaking some law, but in reality I’ve read about the monsters in the attics too, and as I am not one, it gives me compassion for your suspicion, and joy when you put a question mark on your projections towards me?

If you want me to admit to some form of degenerative logic, and expect me to think I need therapy, does it depend on how you treat me as a gypsy, artist, social activist, humanist, and maintenance man?

Are the little boxes of western medicines psychological diagnostics too small to fully categorize mental health? Does everyone who’s ever watched horror, read thrillers, witnessed violent death, and participated in slaughtering an animal, have PTSD? Do we live in a bi-polar universe?

Is my study of this concept the reason why people who live in their cozy little homes free from radical lifestyle change, with seemingly safe circumstances in their day to day existence, are intimidated by me? Does this seem illogical to you?

Being a student teacher of the mental health that is found in craziness isn’t easy, and sucks as it’s lonely around people who are rigid in perceptions, so is this the reason I hang out with people who love synonyms more than definitions?

Is this a better study of belief, since I don’t have a Doctoral Certification? Does my lack of a “superior” title enhance my freedom to express myself in humble ways, as my ideas get to stand alone and be questioned objectively? Maybe this is another example of why writers take on pseudonyms, like a sculptor who won’t sell himself, expecting his art to earn respect by itself?

Thank you WordPress, for giving me a place to write my journals and connect with people like me, who express themselves freely in the pursuit of balancing cultural norms with healthy creative thought. If the whole of the internet stopped working, I would feel content as a teacher with this post alone, finding satisfaction in the idea that attitudes and ideas are contagious.

While I search for a way to effectively pursue the mission of changing the way people think about insanity in the pursuit of teaching imaginative thought, it is my pleasure to use this canvas. I have been encouraged, constructively criticized, and minimally dissuaded from expressing myself how I want to. While other canvases on Social Media have hurt me due to personal attachments by others for who I once was, on this journey of hope for wisdom, the faith of this community has brought me contentment.

Have I properly broken the rules of thought here? I hope so. It has been a pleasure attempting to. That is the best true fact I could share today, so be well, and thanks for reading. 🙂


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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