Tiger saddle maintenance

Have you ever noticed how therapists and psychologists seem a little bit nuts? For example, I was building a fence for one, and he wanted me to make it with a pattern of pickets, that didn’t have a pattern. He sat in a lawn chair coaching me on what order to put them in…so they wouldn’t have an order. I enjoyed the process, even when he had me take the fence apart to put less order in it. I made good money and managed to convince him to let me put the posts in gravel instead of concrete, as it’s the devil.

I went to a therapist once to help me figure out what was wrong with my heart and head. I remember a couple of things he said to me, “Your a weird fucker, and I like you.” and “Learn to ride the tiger”. He gave me the best thing money can buy. Acceptance, and a plan for willingness to accept myself. I didn’t give him a cent, because I didn’t have one, and he said the first visit would be free.


Thanks to the Poodle at http://juicydogcouture.blogspot.com/ for this image, and my brother for telling me of it. The blog is filled with funny dog stuff if you need an adjustment later. This article is a tiger saddle that I built in May 2012, and it needed some maintenance on it today:

Generating shine for the darkness in others is challenging, rewarding, and devastating. It brings me to my knees in shame at not being able to do it for myself when I run out of fire…and my heart has already been broken too many times.

For the first time in my life I have avoided the dark hole of hell that is depression, and the best advice I can give to myself is to find a wife who loves my dog enough, as he gives me Oxytocin in my brain. O, and she needs to love to cook and put up with a full grown kid who periodically get’s too excited.

I’m sitting in the noonday shade, looking out over hillsides of orange trees heavy with fruit, soaking up the tinder making blaze that is the ball of life above our earth, and I am thankful for family that will feed me in this time of loose ends. A bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruits is helping me edit this, so that was literal.

So if you see me wild eyed with a knife in years to come, and running through your yard at night singing some lonely song, or find me sleeping in your bushes on the perimeter…. I’m guarding the lettuce.
If you think I sound like a loony, it’s because bugs bunny is tasty and irritatingly sneaky, so please leave the sharpening stone out by the hole under your fence with some honing oil.

This is me grounded because if I was manic or barely avoiding it, I’d be driving around town looking for more rabbit holes, or headed south in the search of sun. My mom always knew better than to put me in a room by myself to play, and I hope this helps you on your path to having a mentally healthy day.


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