Publish buttons are medication patches I punch!


I’m a Publish Button Junkie.  I can’t help it.  I’m addicted. 

What does rehab look like?  A hundred and forty drafts that are wreaking havoc on the navigability of my network.  Most of them are posts that I already hit the button on.  I get to lose the credibility of my comments and likes, almost like a phoenix rising up from the ashes, with comments as ashes.  Seven people liked it the first time through, and now that I got my fix while double dipping the chip again….who knows?

It might be the only ethical way to redeem a premature ejaculation on my wall.  That’s what one of my best friends calls it.  “Early awesome”.  If you think it sucks and are mean to me about it, I don’t want to go through it with you again.

It’s a lesson I’ve apologized for already on my wall.  The power of the edit button to change a post others have liked gives me a uncomfortable accountability feeling.  Should I write them all and let them know it’s changed now?  Do they really like it today?  Maybe I should just take all the likes off? 

Viruses are similar.  I call them ITD’s, or Internet Transmitted Diseases.  Attitudes are contagious, and I hope this one goes viral.  We are Journalists seeking certification of approval from our peers.  I don’t want to mess that up by being naughty with my uncontrollable habit of publishing an article before it’s good enough for my future self. 

Like the comments that become articles mid swing, some of my articles could be book seeds.  That sentence alone makes me want to punch the button so I don’t have to start another book.        

Ideas are my bane.  I feel think, and then a list forms as I choose out of need to create…to spill it out onto the page of life.  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling need to get out of the way, as I’ll address them later with more practice and talent.  I gotta touch that button, push that share, and like that post….how about you?  Does it thrill you to hit the like buttons, on your own posts?  I wish they said love.  Like is an understatement for those of us that are enthusiastic about art. 

As an Artist Builder, one of my favorite things to do is encourage other people to find the joy in the world of writing about their businesses, artistic pursuits, or passions.  Showing them my $50. solar keyboard, the blue button that says the historically dreaded P word on it, and using my phone to modify a draft in front of them into a public display of art…..satisfies my hunger. 

Find an artist and try it for yourself.  Give them the Wikipedia definition of social media, and watch the look of possibility breed on their face. The feeling feeds my passion for this canvas and gives me serenity that I haven’t just consumed the drug in private, as a closet drinker would. 

As one of the best substances I’ve found on the market, it’s the joy found in sharing the love to make. Theoretically its something that separates us from the rest of the animals.  Humanity makes a plethora of shit, and some of it is frigging rad!!!!  The act of sharing ways to do that is teaching, and learning how to do that is my life, while blogging is one of the canvases.

My number one encouragement from the start of this blogging odyssey into the web, Marina, commented about “tabula rasa”.  I think that was the word KM (this is editorial speak for check your truth after your done saving the draft….or hitting the share button).  Maybe I should just say KM is an apology for needing to keep making, and not wanting to stop for the trivial matter of checking fact.  The proof is I love this platform, and “tabula rasa” means clean slate…in Greek.

This won’t be a clean slate once it’s saved.  Should I save it as a draft?  Is it good enough for the audience of the world?  I think so.  I’ve poured my heart into it.  That’s good enough justification for me.  As a true fact from my soul, it’s got a clean intention, I believe the reader will enjoy it, and I’m going to hit that button.  I can’t help it, so I’m going to ride the high out till I’m hungry again…as it wears off…when I give it away, and dies when I keep it.

This post was started from an encouraging attitude towards writing like sketching.  Out of the need to feel like my writing was good enough, I drafted a bunch of my blog posts in the interest of fixing the funk, and that was a mistake…sort of. Now my blog has link routing issues and missing menu content. The drafts are waiting in the wings like hibernating bears, stomachs growling in anticipation of waking up.

If I could see my blog network as a tree…that I planted from a nut…or maybe a molly bolt (because it’s a nut to fasten something in a hollow wall spot, that has wings, springs, and bisexual love threads), and it has become a full fledged oak, with the acorns of articles on the ground and in the branches, some of them perfect right from birth, while others are lying half covered from last year, eaten by worms, needing to be crushed into dirt, or composted like this into a rich flavor.

If all my comments could be as this one was, a nut in the air, flying from a squirrel that is making love to another, with word play across the trunks…… I valued the balance I felt from the comments, as the efforts were matched! The article that inspired me covers a primary goal of my life, something I’m studying with passion here, and it brought me joy, as it fit nicely into my pursuit of TATWIP’s mission!!!!

Is it an appetite like the sculptors who work behind closed doors and curtains?  Am I just too much of an entertainer at heart, and don’t give a hoot if I make a fool of myself in front of the people I’m trying to share fun with?  Either way, I love that button.  I smack it and feel the satisfaction of an art fix flood into my veins, slam my heart, and bounce around my brain.  Thank you WordPress Administrators, it’s some high grade dope your kicking out!    

Mediums devour me.  I get lost in art as the words, songs, drawings, and talking consume me.  Its always been this way.  I’ve got few pieces of art that will ever satisfy my sense of completion, so why not hit the button?  How many full sketch books do I have with drawings that are not good enough?  How many times have I sat down with one of them, to fill the blank corners of a page from when I was ten, putting new art next to old art on a cluttered canvas?  It’s the only thing I know.  This blog started out as “benjaminsreclaimedart” for a reason.  It was the only thing that I could think of in the moment that fit, and was available in the domain. 

Now it’s tatwip, and changing into a single medium artist hurts.  I don’t want to give up drawing, it’s just that I’m running out of steam by the end of the day.  Singing while writing is something I need to work on.  I miss it, so I’ll end this foray into typing with a punch of the medicated patches.  I hope you love it as much as I do, thanks for tasting it with your eyes.       20140305-134509.jpg



  1. Oh this is just fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!
    Fabulous 😀
    ‘some of my articles could be book seeds.’
    Time dear – time – oh the time for all those thoughts to grow to fruition – but that tree with all its lovely awry branches just reaching higher and wider and all those little fruits and nuts n stuff will just burst out to devour!
    We could do an awesome lunch meet 😀

    Shit I wish I had more stamina for this drug.
    SO SO many images in here that just pleased me considerably.

    ‘I’ve got few pieces of art that will ever satisfy my sense of completion,’
    ‘How many full sketch books do I have with drawings that are not good enough? ‘
    ‘and watch the look of possibility breed on their face.’
    ‘habit of publishing an article before it’s good enough for my future self. ‘
    ;do they really like it today?’ lol!

    And there is the cracker for me:
    ‘The feeling feeds my passion for this canvas and gives me serenity that I haven’t just consumed the drug in private, as a closet drinker would. ‘

    Cheers 😉


    1. :D. Your article was water and this comment a bright sunshine!! The enthusiastic feedback I hope for!!! You rock! I gotta sleep b4 choir, and eat too. Thank you! 🙂


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