Are these the curriculum titles and descriptions of the American Dream come true?

They were for my grandfather. He kicked ass for the Navy as an engineer, raised the flag and swam a mile a day, grew up next door to his wife, lived in the first suburb of America, and thought like I do. In his heyday the other engineers would get stumped doing their best to solve a problem, come up with nothing, and go looking for Louie.

He was great, and I wish he was still around to read this, as he’d get a kick out of me following in his footsteps and designing a new dream for myself right next to his.

When people ask me what my favorite color is, it’s always been hard to answer. How about you? Maybe it’s my predisposition for goal setting, or the list making mayhem in my mind’s eyes. I don’t know, and it’s really good to live right there.

Visualizing what I would be, what I cared about, and who I wished to become, I wrote a list. Since that was twenty years ago, and I’m beginning to get bored with the recognition that I’ve accomplished it satisfactorily, I want to write a new one. Here it is as the titles of a new elementary school curriculum for myself, or if you edit that thought how I like to…..maybe it’s an element cool curriculum for the whole flipping world?

“creativity[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, kree-uh-]

artistry cleverness genius imagination imaginativeness ingenuity inspiration inventiveness originality resourcefulness talent vision great skill in creative endeavors ability accomplishment artfulness brilliance craftship finesse flair mastery proficiency style taste touch virtuosity workmanship fantasy dream Atlantis Utopia air castle apparition appearance bubble chimera conceiving daydream delusion envisioning externalizing fabrication fairyland fancy fancying fantasia figment flight flight of imagination fool’s paradise hallucination head trip illusion imagining invention mind trip mirage nightmare objectifying originality rainbow reverie trip vagary gift of high intellect Einstein ability acumen acuteness adept aptitude aptness astuteness bent brain brilliance capability capacity discernment endowment expert faculty flair grasp head inclination knack mature percipience perspicacity power precocity prodigy propensity prowess reach sagacity super ability talent turn understanding virtuoso wisdom power to create in one’s mind art awareness cognition conception creation creative thought enterprise fabrication fantasy flight of fancy idea ideality image imagery insight inventiveness mental agility notion perceptibility realization resourcefulness sally supposition thought thoughtfulness unreality verve visualization wit wittiness cleverness adroitness astuteness brains brightness cunning dexterity flair gumption shrewdness skill smartness idea stimulus afflatus animus approach arousal awakening brain child brainstorm
deep think elevation encouragement enthusiasm exaltation flash hunch illumination impulse incentive in flatus influence motivation motive muse notion revelation rumble spark spur stimulation whim creation creativeness apparatus black box coinage concoction contraption contrivance design development device discovery doodad gadget gimmick gizmo innovation novelty opus original mind a perception attention brain power brains capacity cognizance conception consciousness function head instinct intellect intellectual intellectuality intuition judgment lucidity marbles mentality observation perception percipience power psyche ratiocination reason reasoning regard sanity sense soul soundness spirit thinker understanding wits boldness creative spirit daring freshness individuality ingeniousness innovativeness inventiveness modernity new idea newness nonconformity novelty unconventionalityunorthodoxy”

“Intelligence isn’t defined by a period at the end of the sentence.”

What does it smell like when it’s burnt toast fresh and piping hot, with butter and honey lathered on it?

When will it wake you to stutter step your way, to piss it into a word on the snow……again?

How does it work into play?

Why would a toy be un-fun?

Which pathway of it is overflowing, gushing, spurting, and slamming the rocks, to vibrate the cliffs like a flash flood?

Where will the paint and dust mix, forming indecipherable trails across the field of action?

Who can produce it?

In wonderment at lost arts, curiously overwhelmed, and visualizing.

Using plastic for a sculpture in my mind, a suit of plated CD’s, a mask of syn.

Exquisite form comes from my hands when it’s wood, rock, earth, water, and metal…with a focus.

Synthetics are a place of pondering…..which writer should I gift the wireless Bluetooth keyboard to? I can I get the same thing, with light on a desk as the touch surface. Bigger too.

Sensuality in the process is important! Seeking a healthy flow coming down to touch, and grace within movement. As an axe head at it’s apex forced to accelerate into gravity, cleaves a way through wood I wish to type.

Timing is interesting. The other day, I noticed that my unwritten drafts start in the late evening……while prolific publishing occurs at my favorite times of day!!

I enjoy that my number one encouragement happens from Marina, of an ancient art mecca, and our timing coincides for my posts, to land in her lap fresh pressed.

I appreciate you Steven, moving up the charts of my encouragement stats from afar. Your tenacious and charming, well spoken and enthusiastic!!!!! I love that about you!!!

How can I let go of hesitation, doubt, quantification, and pride, so that art for me is a slide?

Create business cards, to simplify the sharing process down to an art!! I find myself overly verbose in speech these days. I’ve got words for days, and need to remember tact, within the art of conversation.

It’s a wicked pleasure to feel obligated to develop boundaries between my life and art passion, for the sake of health.

Is the virile tiger on your back, or are you riding it? When and how?

Contemplating a writers hat as I’ve left the shoes behind and praying for a way to close the office door with this thought, as the mobile office is everywhere I go.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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