Cupid’s Fletching Maintenance

If I could match the intention, action, and result of this note to my lawyer(which is myself :), it would be to share with you an artist’s approach to kissing, that will bring you and your special someone joy on this wind up for Valentines day.

Women and men are different down below, but our lips and finger tips are designed for the same things.

Having an argument with another doctoral student about the definition of the word empathy, brought me to a conclusion about the medical college’s approach to healing. It’s sociopathic.

My friend said the word meant, “To understand how someone feels and separate your emotions from theirs.”

I couldn’t help but want to shout out Malarkey from my gut!! It was a feeling. The school of medicine should use a different spelling!

Empathy and medicine are intertwined to me. Medicine of the ears is what I do, and it doesn’t work well if the doctor isn’t listening. Empathy means experiencing the same feeling as another, at the same time. It’s a shared feeling, like a kiss.

Everyone is an artist. We are separated from the animals by our talents to make, and kissing is the start of making love.

We flourish on love, our population grows, and children learn the ways to make, by watching adults fail, or prevail, in make do.

So make do with the person you love. Move on from the way you kissed her the last thousand times. Don’t bore him with your placid lips. Get creative !!!

You have ten fingers, two lips, and excitement is building when you remember the holiday is coming. 🙂

Gear up for it. Shave. Brush your teeth. Buy candy, especially if you smoke or drink.

Give them a flower. Any will do. Even a moldy sunflower might have some viable seeds.

Take your time. Don’t hurry. *8P.

I learned this the hard way when I was seventeen. She was fifteen, and I couldn’t get enough.

Laid out under the stars, on a blanket, in the country. Frantic groping got me nothing but blues, as she’d squirm with my hands all over the place.

Think of kissing like a pot on the stove, it’s got to boil, and when it does, all you have is steam, or hot air.

Don’t burn the pot, or you’ll have to wait for the next rain for enough water to boil.

Your excitement is the stove, your passion the bubbles, and the steam is love. Periodically turn down the burner guys.

Practice till you have a happy valentines day. Start with a peck. Work your way to the their neck. Find the sweet spot, right at their clavicle, up behind their ear. Start soft. Work yourself up.

Empathize with your partner. How do they feel? Can you feel it? Is it the same? Close enough? Good luck.

Make sure to have fun, as your joy will be matched, and then a kiss… may be.

Attachment to winning, and discouragement at a loss, will only lead to frustration, which can build future kisses, but feels like a fail.

Now…..make….do….work, and fix……yourself….with a kiss…..and play…on this hope for your happy valentines day.

*P8: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Principle.




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