Surviving on Alcohol: “A True Fact”


Over the last six months, I’ve allowed alcohol to embrace my genetics. After resisting the temptation growing up, I’ve decided to grow back down.

It’s a pleasure to be ashamed, proud, and humbled by my betters.

To finally be the one who lost my ID, went broke on pool and the jukebox, hit the bulls eye with the first dart….. three beers deep, and to have my mind blown by the brilliance of a fellow worker:

“It wasn’t till around 1914 that we figured out water filtration. Up to that point, the only consistently safe water to drink…..was beer.”

In this latest cycle of heartbreak, where happiness has been found for the night, in the bottom of a glass of alcohol, I’m thankful for the places and people who have encouraged my drinking. 🙂

Alcohol has improved my pool, dart, and lady game. I dance better, focus better, have more understanding for drunks now, and hope to stop wanting to drink all day. ha-ha.

Good morning!!

Moving on and letting go is underrated, feels like a party in boots, a laced up recess, a working vacation.

What do you do to get ready for work? Shit…. I wake up. The office door latches with my eyelashes. I love it, and hate what it does to me, but have compassion for it, and do my best to tidy the desk.



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