Competitive Ledge Shift

Searching for a way to develop a talent, finding a book on it, and looking up shark. Wanting to know why it wouldn’t work out. Playing the game, wasn’t fun for others……

Why not? Maybe water shouldn’t have been the beverage of choice in the bar. There were papers to deliver, and the news doesn’t put up with drunken paper carriers. That was years ago.

In the glossary of terms, finding shark, and it said,

The Jaws of the pool game are creative


“Do you love this game?” You probably used to. Back before you were using your talent to win, dishonestly breaking the code of sportsmanship, being willing to wreck somebody else’s game out of greed.

Dolphins don’t put up with sharks. Swimming is fun. It’s good to sit back a little, have a nice chat, find the fun, and pick the music….together. Lose win or draw…..Play work.

Multimedia art well done. A healthy moment in the night. Finding that play, will have to be found somewhere else at times.

On a lonely cliff, by the sea, where the crashing surf and stars are bright. It was a happy night. The kid just turned twenty-one.

He knows a dolphin, isn’t out to shame his game. The flap of the fin on the latest win, the scratch of an unlucky leave.

One drink, two, or ten, it isn’t about the win. If one ball of intention can be met in the pocket, if one true shot may be made, a clean sense of satisfaction is found, buried in a focused pursuit of joy.

Lost in the moment of a graceful follow through, a line of sight, a crisp flow, it is something worth the effort to know. Love in a game. Must be the reason professional athletes make so much money. That much joy, is worth paying for.



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