Evolution 101

Dear Artists,

I heard a song recently, and wanted to share with you a nasty thought. If somebody doesn’t consider themself an artist, and they don’t practice their art, they are devolving.

Evolution is like this. do, do, do, do….yes crap….do, do, do, do, play, do, work, do…….yay! ART 🙂

So. do. make. art. even if it kills you. at least you evolved. your kids have a fighting chance in this crazy world. your genetic code has poetry in it. your jeans know how to sing. your footprints are dance steps. deal with it. it’s lonely. go to the bar at noon on sunday, you’ll find others, and it won’t be so lonely. their probably sitting at a table, all together, drinking different sorts of poison, and talking about books. wear a helmet. you’ll fit right in.


Benjamin 0
Artist Builder
Kinetic Expressionist
North American Hobo


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