Retail Gargoyle

My art has value to me. I hope to share that value, by selling it, giving it away, or returning it to the earth, after it’s been on the bidding cycle of this store.

This is a gallery, and as I’ve said before, my art will be moved, at my whim. Since the art isn’t receiving bids, I will be changing strategies….again.

I’d love to meet with fifty artists, at the Palace of Fine Art, to be gargoyles with me. Posing in readiness to leap down, wearing simple finery defining how they feel, we will be protectors of this awesome structure, in imagery.

I hope you walk down “Lover’s Lane” some day, and think of me. 🙂

On the off chance that you find this excellent celebration of fine art, and witness it’s foundations in person, go here, stand in the center point, where the plaque of dedication rests, and give a shout upwards, to fine art. The echoes will satisfy your ears, and the tourists will enjoy the entertainment.

Bring a coat, as San Francisco, can get chilly in a hurry. Thanks for your attention, I hope my failures to sell art have entertained you.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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