What is a toy?

What is a toy? Do you know? I don’t.

This conceptualization of toys, comes from speaking with the mother of a young boy, who had made a mess of my vessel of pens.

When he was done playing, highlighters lay askew on top of ballpoints and pencils. Food scraps left behind, strayed in a slight path across the hardwood floor.

Her definition: “A toy to an infant, and an adult, are the same thing. It is simply a container, with things in it.”

Reminded me of my tool bags packed, unpacked, and played with regularly.

When I work, I get dirty!! I love the spray of debris, whether rock, metal, wood, paint, or plant. When the material meets my body in a well spread distribution, I have enjoyed work.

Best Hairspray:

Manufacturers are producing imitation chimney brick, but I prefer to have as much space in the kitchen as I can get, chimney mortar fails, and patios…walkways….so I tear them down, which produces a mixture of sweat, and concrete dust from hair tip to boot sole.

My hair generally spikes on end when I’m happiest, but with this new product, I can sculpt!!! Smear left, or swipe forward, and that’s what you get…..I prefer not to pack a lunch on days like that….. 😉


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