Highway in the sky

This is an image of hope. A man made mountain in the sky high hope. With rammed earth stacked up in a ramp of monstrous size, a method for mass movement materializes.

This is my best attempt at applying a simple tool to solve a challenge that this world faces. It’s a practical use of the one thing dragging our progress towards sustainable transportation down. Gravity.

From Elementary age, people know the joy, found in coasting. How would you feel if your morning commute was fuel free, and required wheels, a chassis, lights, a battery, brakes, and a tranny?

At this point of this article you may be thinking about concrete. It’s poison, and unfortunately we lost the alchemical recipe for the original Roman type long ago. Like Damascus Steel: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus_steel, you can’t buy it new. Only the stuff that has stood the grind of time passing is available for use. Lost arts….that we’re collectively searching for.

Rammed earth however, is still used today to make efficient, cheap, long lasting, strong, and stable structures. A simple recipe of clay, sand, and water makes bricks like rock. The houses built right with it, are earthquake, flood, and fire proof. With maintenance, walls last for thousands of years. Compared to new age concretes life span of a hundred plus….do I need to say more?

How much money would be generated and saved from elevator tickets, tourism, real estate options, transportation, and environmental impact reduction etc KM?

Is it impossible to lift tonnage using only gravity? “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right”. Gravity isn’t just a one way force. A gigantic air tank at the bottom of a cylinder of water does what? Ballast baby, ballast.

Points of contention for the engineering mind to debate: Where does the clay and sand come from to build what will make the wall of china look like a model on an architects palate? Will buttresses be needed, or can it be stable with the right sized footprint? What is the potential for bridging towers to save on labor, soil, and energy? What is the life span of an arch, and should it be built as a series of arches?


At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to catch a bubble ride to Mile High Park? The peregrine falcons are always fun to watch diving. And glider suits? Makes base jumpers wanna dance. Paper airplanes never flew so far.

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As with most of my art, I will work on it till I die, bouncing from the philosophy of “The work is already done” to “KISS 8P”. To the best of my effort I will build this post into greatness over time.

“The most contagious thing for humans, is an idea.”


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