Songs I love that fix me

I wish to share, a little piece of me, for a mate that reminds me to KISS it.

The last time I took a vow of song sound, this was on repeat, and loudly I sing;

For You—–Tracy Chapman:

Meeting the fails of epic proportions, with striving for the greatest of ideals, to tears;

First Try—–Tracy :

This song fills my rebel soul right up, gives me chills, and I find the place of serenity for my frustrations;

Mountains of Things—-Tracy:

To balance the equation of the mountains;

All That You Have Is Your Soul—-Tracy:

One of my faiths;

Heaven’s Here On Earth:

Roots love;

Bonnie Rait/John Prine—-Angel From Montgomerey:

For the feelings to jell in me;

It’s a Big Old Goofy World—-John Prine

At my wake, make it a big party, started off with these:

Satisfy my Soul—-Bob Marley;

Stir it Up—-Bob Marley;

Get up Stand up—-Bob Marley;

For all the women that are so mad at me, and yes, as you wish, Happy Valentines Week!!!;

Positive Vibration—-Bob Marley:

What a Wonderful World—-Louis Armstrong:

A kiss to build a dream on—-Louis Armstrong:

Into the mystic—-Van Morrison:

Your supposed to turn it up for this one, and grab any guy, close by, so he can agree;

Bonnie Rait/John Lee Hooker—-I’m in the Mood:

And to further satisfy our anticipatory valentine hearts;

Willie Nelson/Cheryl Crow—-If I Were a Carpenter:

Willie Nelson—-Crazy:

Merle Haggard—-Worried, Unhappy, Lonesome, and Sorry:

Now with some of the best medicine for my ears, I feel better.


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