Heal-All, Self-Heal, and Allheal

Since I’m on the subject of medicine for the evening, I wish to share a couple of my faiths. In searching for the refrences to provide you with pictures I came upon this, which represents my idea of awesome in a nut shell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panacea_(medicine)

Reading a book on Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants, I came upon an herb that was anti-tumor, and so many other things, I just had to find it. Since then, I find it everywhere. Mountainside to valley floor, ocean shore, to outside my back door, in the front lawn, in the back, I love this minty herb. The variety that grows around here may be consumed from flower petal tip to root hair. It grows from three to twelve inches tall (I have seen some spectacular specimens that exceed this height, but on average it’s true), creeps along the ground for the first few inches, and sprouts upwards from there. It has purple flowers, looks kind of like a fat pennyroyal(also in the mint family), and has a stem just like all the other mints; boxy prism like: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prunella_(plant)

This one is the more broad versions of the plant, which will help to narrow the search for a Panacea, after you try all the varieties, that grow everywhere, over your lifetime, of searching for the right one, when maybe any one will suffice to transmutate common metal to gold, give you the philosophers stone, or the key to the elixir of life. Then again that’s just me being contrary, because I love the variety that grows all over here in lawns, and probably won’t take the time to look further:


Propolis has been my friend for several years. The first time I heard about it, I had recieved a five gallon bucket across my face for putting out a campfire (another story), and my friend mentioned how it would fix my teeth. O it fixed it all right. About as good as walking around with a mouthfull of black teeth that taste like clove oil will. Seriously though, put the clove oil on your gum if your tooth hurts, don’t get it on your tongue, and put the propolis on the source of the pain to seal it up from exposure to heat and cold. I waited for a week to go to the dentist, and my brain wasn’t screaming that one of my teeth had been knocked out.

Ever since I started working with a bee keeper, moving bees, selling honey, building hives, and so on, I have heard of little else when it comes to needs met. He puts the stuff in a mixture of everclear alchohol, turning it into a tincture, and puts a couple of droplets on any ailment. I started carrying it around in my first aid kit thanks to him. Minor cuts no longer need an band-aid if I have propolis, the band-aids would fall off inside my sweaty gloves anyways, the cut would stay wet, and my finger wouldn’t smell like vodka honey. I put it on cavities when the sugar junkie in me, gets carried away:


I’m gonna go take a dropper-full of propolis, just to feel accountable to my body.

These are some additional posts on the healing arts, thanks for reading!


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