A Grade A Grey Day

For many grey days have been grade A.  Like the man pumping my gas yesterday did say, “they don’t make very much money, their some kinda non-profit, I think they break even.”  I responded with a hearty laugh, “that’s all you ever really have anyways right?  breaking even?”  He looked at me with a startled, wary eye.  Didn’t know that I was talking about the apple pie I wish to see in the sky.

Here is a dream come true.  Broke?  Work for an hour and they’ll give you a meal in trade.  Short on change?  The suggested donations are flexible to your pocket book.  Not a single cent, and no energy to give?  Coffee and a pastry are free if need be, and probably by the time you finish consuming them, you’ll feel energized enough to help.  Wifi?  Yes, good and free.

Lot’s of rules though.  Don’t get silly and think they don’t have structure.  Every question I asked, was sent up the ladder on the chain of command.  I just wanted to take some pictures, and fix the sink.  Eat a bagel and finish my drink.  I love this place:

Started the day out with four dollars.  Then a man gave me seventy five for driving to meet him, and I gave most of it to the man who operated the gas pump.  With little left, I found this place across the street.  Where debt and profit meet.  Zero is not a number.  That’s like saying a star is a number.  Nope.  Zero represents everything.  One of the most powerful symbols we have.  We wear it on our finger to represent loyalty.  We join in them so everybody gets a back rub…at the same time.  The cycle of life.  Recycling.  Reclaiming.  Round.  Whole.  Unified.  Complete.  Forever.  Infinity.  Together.  Zero.  Grade A Grey Days


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