My title is a gift to the one blogger who consistently supports me in this endeavor.  She brings her attention to my expressions, gives me feedback that is righteous, and harmonic.  She finds ways to show me she cares, and appreciates my efforts.  I love this.  Therefore, I will do the same for her.  It’s the golden rule folks.  The seque to tell you what I believe to be true.  The golden rule is something that comes from all continents, most cultures, and has been alive as a common understanding, for so long, that it brings me joy to say it.  I am saying what i believe you believe, in the roots of your ancestors.  I believe I am living it now in this moment.  It is worth gold.

Ownership of an idea is an oxymoron.  I believe this to be true, because I am one.  An oxymoron.  I am not a moron.  I appear to be one when I babble:  the most consistent constructive critisizm I have recieved, ever.  I give it to myself too.  Say more with less.  Less words, attachment, greed, pride, expectation, and shame.  I am an oxymoron because I believe that I am wise, but choose to appear foolish, because it’s way more fun to be a kid.  It makes me babble, giggle, run around in circles chanting silly things, throw eggs in the air, and try to catch them with my eye teeth.

I am not a fool.  I just appear to be one, so you will realize that you might be too.  Or maybe I am for saying so.  I don’t know.  I know nothing.  I am on this earth to live in happiness and health, to share my wealth of love, potential, privilege, and opportunity.  To drive a stake into the ground, in order to build a new foundation of happiness, for myself, every day.  I love you for taking the time to read this, I hope it made you feel foolish, and wise, from the moment you began reading it, till the end.  Mischief that hopefully makes you feel foolish for posting my ad, for reading it, for not understanding it, for thinking my double entendre was complicated, and foolish:  you suck!!!!  but in a good way!!! i wish you were sucking….a lollipop!!!

When I get excited about something, passionately involved, and dedicated to expressing it, I act, write, think, and speak, what appears to be delusional or convoluted, to the people who miss a simple idea:  “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, your right”  -A man they refer to at times as Honest, a lawyer, a hero, a designer of culture, a pacifier of hatred, an amazingly perseverant historical figure who said, “sharpen your axe for six hours, cut with it for two”, a gem of a man who changed the world, so they named a town car after him, and forgot that he warned us we might lose the republic, and find ourselves in an economy of capitalistic democracy, an oligarchy of profit, a lose your identity, and learn what they teach in school, that you are a consumer, that is one of your actions, so that is what you are?-

I believe: Lincoln and Obama would agree, that the train fading into the distance is one of the keys to our cultures ability to recover from this economic collapse.

This is my formal request for attention from the powers that be.  I have finished my doctoral proposal enough, although I plan to add to it for fun, and I would appreciate the attention of the President of the United States.  I am the best man for a certain job.  I would like to be at the gate when the soldiers come home.   I would like to say a very simple thing to each and every one of them, each time they arrive to our homeland:  “Welcome home!! Do you know what I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen, each time the subject comes up, about the troops coming home?  It’s very simple.

“I recognize that the best workers we have, the strongest,  most highly trained, physically adept, and ready for the task of accepting responsibility and coping with the stress of it, is you!  So welcome home soldier, I wish that I had work for you.  To build a fence with a meat stick like you, who expects to be given direction, but not a how to manual on work, on how it needs to get done, because they already know, and also have a strong training in controlling their morale, feeding the group with unity, and defending their territory, would be a dream come true for me.  We, the american people, me specifically, want to let you know, that we got your back, welcome home!!!”

So do please send me a ticket for a fast train, straight to the oval office, or better yet, call me for an appointment.  Your Title is honorable enough, I don’t need to fluff your feathers.  I have an appointment I value as much to keep, on Sunday morning.  Let me make it abundantly clear what I wish to speak with you about.  Your vision is mine.  We are the same.  I love what you got elected for.  Your mission is possible.  Your dream is clean.  I will help you, on one condition;  set me up with the opportunity, to ask the Queen of England, a question, give me an honorary doctorate for my other letter to you:

a spider silk suit, a leer jet(i can get you a good deal, my friend from high school runs the main distributor of this product locally), lessons on how to fly it, a landing strip authorization for the pentagon just to see a building that’s cool, a box of emeralds(another friend has some of these for Terrazo, so i can source it for you if needed) , and a chance to give you some of my vision.  Just kidding.  I am an oxymoron.  I just want what’s best for the american people, and so do you.  I want what’s best for the world economy that is so connected to our own, that we are in a state of isolated frustration, set back, and worry.  I am not.  I am in a unique position to recognize the opportunity within the “problem”, that is so confounding to most people.  I was bred for it.  Trained for it.  I live it.  Send me an invitation, or better yet, accept mine.  Let’s sit by the river, or in a sauna, and go over a few things.  “how do we inspire ourselves to greatness, when nothing else will do?”  -a man like any other, who waited long enough to be free, and found himself in the unenviable position, of sharing the greatness in his mind,  that he finally uttered those words-



  1. Dear Benjamin,
    I’ll try to gather up my scrambled english to write this!
    This blogging business is very new to me. To this please add that I am by nature very introverted and -as I’ve mentioned before- NOT good with words. [In fact I’m at war with words!]. So when I witness a true artist at work, I instinctively want to encourage him. Being rewarded for that however, is something I never expected, so when I saw this morning my marinawaxcraft as a title on your blog I thought something was wrong with my eyesight! Reading further down made me blush and reading all of it made me once again want to NATURALLY encourage you to keep writing and writing and writing! The only oxymoron would be if you stopped writing!
    Please accept my THANK YOU for your OVER THE TOP gift!!!
    [It had to be in a letter form. It somehow made more sense than a “comment”!]
    PS: Happy 1st of the month [February, that is]


    1. Πόσο υπέροχο! Σας ευχαριστούμε για την τέχνη μου, εκτιμώ αρκετά για να επαινέσει μου περαιτέρω με αξιοθαύμαστη ευγνωμοσύνη. Θα ήθελα να διαφοροποιήσει όμως, ανάμεσα σε αυτό που θα ήταν μια «αληθινή» καλλιτέχνη. Μπορείτε να κάνετε από το κερί. Αυτό είναι το θεμέλιο, το πρώτο βήμα της δημιουργίας, για ένα αριστούργημα του χαλκού. Είστε ένας γλύπτης, φωτογράφος, ζωγράφος και συγγραφέας. Θεωρώ ότι αυτό ισχύει και μπλε καλλιτέχνη. Θα είμαι ο κριτής του πόσο καλός είναι ένας καλλιτέχνης από την απλή εξίσωση αδελφός μου μίλησε για απόψε: Πώς η τέχνη του ενός ατόμου, με κάνουν να αισθάνομαι;

      Δεν θεωρώ ότι είναι ένα δημιούργημα της ομορφιάς; Έχει δείξει μια σαφή παρουσίαση των εγγενή αξία για μένα; Αν είναι σαν την τέχνη σας, να το κάνει. Έχω αποφασίσει να σας προωθήσει, όπως την προώθηση της τον εαυτό μου έχει την τάση να οδηγούν σε θέσεις όπως αυτή. Ριζική, και φοβερό, αλλά και τον εαυτό aggrandizing, κτίριο προνόμιο μου επάνω κομμάτι κομμάτι, μέχρι η ζωή δεν είναι πιο διασκεδαστικό, από ένα χαλασμένο παιδί, βαριέται στο κατάστημα καραμελών. «Έχω κάτι σαν να είναι κακή, τουλάχιστον ξέρω τι κάνουν οι φίλοι μου είναι για.”

      Μερικά πράγματα είναι καλύτερα, δήλωσε με δράσεις. Όπως αυτό. Αυτο συγκινητικό, έναν τρόπο να εξισορροπήσει την κλίμακα του ήρωα που είμαι εγώ. Είναι ένας τρόπος για να εξισώσει την εξίσωση της καρδιάς μου. Για να αρθεί οποιαδήποτε αμφιβολία για τους ανθρώπους που διαβάζουν αυτό, ότι οι δύο ξέρω δυνατότητές μου για την εξουσία, και επιλέγουν να το αποφύγει για χάρη της ηρεμίας. Θα προτιμούσα να τον καθαρισμό της τουαλέτας, από το να μιλάμε με τον πρόεδρο.|el|How%20wonderful!%20%20Thank%20you%20for%20appreciating%20my%20art%20enough%20to%


  2. I wonder if the message you got was really the one I intended to send. Wierd. When I pasted the greek above, into the translator, it came out all sorts of mixed up. Poetic, but mixed up. I hope the message was understandable when you read it. Thank you again.


  3. I am hoping you’ve kept the original text! As interesting [and very funny] as it may be [using google translate], I’d rather read the original version! [my war is with words of ANY language, not just english!].
    I’ll write the previous text in greek and use google translate so you can see what happens!
    here goes:
    “I hope you keep prototypo text. As interest [very funny] may be to use the google translate, I would rather read the original version. [The war with my words for all languages ​​not just English!]”
    The last bit is especially good!
    And this is a relatively GOOD translation…


    1. What I didn’t mention above however, is how grateful I am that you wrote it in my language. Very noble gesture indeed! I meant my comment to be humorous! [I couldn’t stop laughing when I was reading the translation!]


      1. I laughed when I saw what the translator had done, and couldn’t help but send it anyways. Seems like the greek version of this must have been cryptic. It floated my abstract boat. As always, thanks for your energy here, I hope to return the favor.


    2. How wonderful! Thank you for appreciating my art enough to compliment me further with admirable gratitude. I wish to differentiate however, between what would be a “true” artist. You make from wax. This is the foundation, the first step of creation, for a masterpiece of bronze. You are a sculptor, a photographer, a painter, and an author. I see this as true blue artist. I will be the judge of how good an artist is by the simple equation my brother spoke of tonight: How does the art of an individual, make me feel?

      Do I think it a creation of beauty? Does it show a clear representation of intrinsic value to me? If it’s like your art, it does. I have decided to promote you, as promoting myself tends to lead to posts like this one. Radical, and awesome, but also self aggrandizing, building my privelege up piece by piece, till life is no more fun, than a spoiled kid, bored at the candy store. “I kind of like being poor, at least I know what my friends are for.” 🙂


  4. A small token of appreciation to a word lover:
    ngiyabonga kakhulu, o sheun, a dank, kettu’i, enkosi, djiere dieuf, mèsi, diolch, gråces (merci) beacôp, malo te of a, cám ơn, rahmat, shukriya, дякую, tau, teşekkür ederim, kurre sumanga, m-sapo, yekeniele, ขอบคุณค่ะ, dhanyavadalu, rahmat, nandri, tanmirt, mauruuru, salamat, tack, asante, gracias, nouari, waad mahadsantahay, hvala, dakujem, stuutiyi, meharbani, waita, marahaba, ke ya leboha, хвала, tapadh leat, gratzias, faafetai lava, спасибо, mulţumesc, najis tuke, sulpáy, sukriya, obrigada, dziękuję, motashakkeram, manana, mauruuru, danki, бузныг, miigwetch, grandmercé, takk, barka, Баярлалаа, welalin, aabhari aahe, kia ora, niżżik ħajr, nanni, terima kasih, misaotra, blagodaram, merci, bedankt, ačiū, matondi, gràçie, paldies, gratias ago, matondo, khob chai, Рахмат, spas, tenki, sobodi, kam sah hamnida, murakoze, matondo, akun, rahmet, dhanyavadagalu, tanemirt, arigatô, grazie, go raibh maith agat, taiku, terima kasih, takk, köszönöm, dhanyavad, toda, mahalo, mèsi, aabhar, aguyjé, ευχαριστώ, danke, დიდი მადლობა, merkzi, graciñas, gracie, dankewol, merci, kiitos, vinaka, takk fyri, akiba, akpé, tänan väga, dankon, thank you, dank je, na som, gha-ana, tashakor, tak, děkuji, hvala, grazie, xièxie, zikomo, wado, Баркал, salamat, gràcies, kyay tzu tin pa te, благодаря, trugéré, hvala, a ni kié, tangio tumas, dhanyabaad, Дзякую, milesker, eskerrik asko, a ni kié, çox sag olun, chnorakaloutioun, Barak Allahu fiik, saha, chokrane, merci, faleminderit, dankie…
    and THANK YOU again!


    1. I like the worldliness of your thanks. It is refreshing to have such an abundant resource of words that are confusing, yet bring me joy. I don’t know how to spell them, speak them, or understand them, but like a giggle, I trust that it’s what I desire to hear, repeated for the whole world to catch.


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