Right now!?!!!!!

Underrated in education and the workplace is the value of the pupil to discover new ideas and ways to accomplish tasks. If the pupil is engaged and focused in the moment, not worrying about the test next Tuesday, or the kid that told them they were stupid yesterday….they may be able to give the teacher a new idea….This article is coming from a study I did on the five stages of a non-profit, and a fantastic book on creative ideating/critical thinking/problem solving.

When the teacher or mentor who is stuck on a practice of the past, fails to adapt to the changing needs in an environment (it’s also known as Founder’s Syndrome), the solution or opportunity are missed, and the problem prevails.

It happens when your biggest dreams come true….unless you let go of the attachment to the original vision, interpretation and design enough, to evolve your thinking.

Otherwise you become the student of your own failure as your learning and ability to teach, are unified in purpose, intention, action, and result, when you think free….or not.

If you break the rules of thought look forward to a title of honor, or the categorization that is used to defame, destroy, or otherwise devalue a person and idea. Without breaking the rules of thought though, your oatmeal is going to taste the same every morning, while the neighbor is cooking it in a hand-made pine needle basket, with fire heated rocks.

I will give myself an honorary title if I do my best. I will search for the kid inside of myself, and name that person Spear Tip, Custodian, or Recreational Assistant if my actions reflect the titles.

I hate to repeat myself if people didn’t listen and I love to teach, if it works. I hate the idea of advertising, but I love advertisements and promotion. I did all of that here I can hope to believe, by promoting an ad and learning a lesson, by editing it…….(this is the eighth rendition)……again. 🙂

in a good way solid unlocked 1



  1. now I’m done with this canvas for right now. i accomplished my goal tenfold, got devoured into focusing on this art. it has consumed my morning, and i need to sweat re-building a re-claimed picket fence, in the lucky for me, sunshine bright winter day, for free. take note customer: you already bought the gravel going into your soil, instead of concrete to hold the posts firm, which is horribly toxic shit that will fail in a hundred years anyways. the 3/4 minus gravel is in the back of the truck, the PHD is in the barn with a fresh powder coat on the blades, and mineral oiled handles. My only real live personal hero, took it apart, welded it back together (where it had failed due to me being aggressively interested in building through root, mud, clay, and rock), had his students paint it in the powder coat box, oiled it to a nice feel without gloves, and gave it back to me in trade for an arbor that i still need to build. unfortunately the city will have to give me permission before i can start.
    i will give a blister to your yard, maybe two, before i put on those horrible armored fingers that keep me out of touch. maybe if you put me on the deed to the house i’m squatting, say .005% for the fence. i wouldn’t be squatting in it. my dog does like your electric heaters though, and i unfortunately have to ask your forgiveness now, for not sharing the details of my lifestyle sooner. i am the one you have to look out for as a home owner. but do lose your worry. adverse possession laws changed in 85′. you still have all the power as the owner. i am just the lunatickle squatting/custodializing, your property, you get to pick which one, i have a donation button. deeds are acceptable commerce to me. if i own it i will share it. or you could tell me to take a flying leap. that’s what friends are for. and you as my friend are sure, no matter what, i will lose money to finish. go out on a debt limb to make it cheaper. and thoroughly make your spot nice, before i find the next one. thanks for everything gal. women run the trade i work for. they are the deciders. the dreamers. the ones who are smart enough to want closets, curtains, a bathroom off the bedroom, and a big kitchen. you got me, i won’t let you down.
    so in the interest of cutting off this pattern of getting consumed by this medium, i will finish the fence before i post anything else. look for Something Something about Boundaries after Generosity. I hope this was as fun to read as it was to write. as you know some of my goals are to build fences with gates between neighbors, boundary-less friendships, more than just customers, and be generous.
    let me know if this set you off, i’m feeling a little rowdy from the attention i’m getting here.
    I’ll be driving to the coast and the mountains in the morning, to wish a happy birthday to one of my favorite adopted grandmothers, before i finish this project, and depart the continent. i hope to talk to you soon, and finish the fence on Monday. thankfully, i will have internet from the library on the coast, that i have a card for in my pocket. my voicemail is still full, so i don’t get so many distracting calls, and can focus on my job, but the signal will be intermittent at times, because the wild, is as old as rocks, and doesn’t harmonize with the new waves of the future.


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