What is exciting, and gives me inspiration?

When the throw is successful, hitting the mark.  As the axe comes thundering home, it cleaves a wedge with a nice clean knocking sound.  It’s similar to the sound of a baseball bat in your hands signalling a home run by ringing true, or the feeling of a soccer ball leaving your foot with a solid connection, giving hope  to the idea of your goal.  When something shifts gracefully in a project, a process, a relationship, or an idea, breeding confidence to achieve.  Like the time I first realized a round of firewood could be broken into eight separate pieces, while still holding on to its original shape, maintaining balance on the chop block for the next swing.  When it happens, an axe isn’t needed to separate the pieces of the pie, simply throw the round on the ground, or otherwise impact it, with a phenomenal result:  a rupturing of it’s parts all at once.  Stacking pleasures together to make or do something useful.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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