I have a dream that’s simple.  A crew of people on equal terms, with harmonic personalities, who have worked with each other long enough, that they have learned to do a job precisely, efficiently, and with pleasure; using very little verbal communication the whole way through.  If I could find a way to train people to do this I would.  On that thought, maybe I can, it certainly happens at times, and it feels really good when it does.  What could I do to improve my skills as a teacher and director in order to help create this group or scenario?  Who do I know already that fit’s the mold, and how can I get them to work with me more regularly? 

It’s the feeling I get from having an assistant like me.  I make a very good slave.  I run to get things for a leader, literally sprinting if I can.  I remember a moment working with one of my best friends that felt harmonic like this.  I was on the ladder, realizing I needed a hammer, and looking down to ask for it, realized he was handing it to me. 

Gonna start giving feedback in writing.  Seems like every time I attempt to give directions that are critical during a work day, the colleague or co-worker might get hurt feelings, and miss the learning opportunity being presented.  I love working with people at least ten years younger or older for this reason.  Seems like the ones that need writing are the cats that are too close to my age, resulting in self-defense, animosity, frustration, admissions of guilt, and reflections of discontent about my skills as the leader.  I’ve had whole crews turn on my directions and break them down into small chunks of distasteful emotional drama to be batted around my head.  

My criticism of others are taken with a grain of humble sand, when I’m making judgements of their contribution.  With this pattern, I feel confident that I can continue to give feedback, own my mistakes, and not be harsh.  I heard an interesting idea recently.  “When somebody fails, and continues to fail at meeting your expectations of contribution, it’s time to fire them.  Running an eighteen guy crew doesn’t allow time for people’s feelings.  Either they cut the mustard, improve on cutting the mustard, or you gotta fire them.”  I liked it.  Seemed cold spirited though.  Not enough heart for my flavor.  I’ve never officially fired anyone.  I won’t call them back, might tell them to leave the site and go home, to not come in, that I don’t want to work with them at this time,  but I like to hope for people to meet simple expectations.  If we get along when we’re not working, then in the future I’ll be willing to try again.  If we don’t get along ever, we won’t work together.  

You know what it is?  It’s bowing.  Admiration.  Acceptance of directions with enthusiasm and following the guidelines.  If a mistake is made, accepting the responsibility of fixing it, or if that’s not possible, dropping the time it took to make the mistake in the first place.  Why?  What does irritate me?  How are these people not meeting my expectations?  Is it a pattern in their personal lives?  A lack of respect on the job?  Do they fail to recognize the importance of a critical direction due to a lack of listening skills?  A lack of ability to learn?  No!  I believe it’s my fault.  So with that in hand, what can I do?  Write.  Seems the gift of gab fails to do it’s job with people my age.  🙂  I could generate a group of people with a varied age spectrum at all times, placing admirers in the midst of the malcontent.  Thankfully I’ve begun to recognize these moments as a conscious thought process during my play, finding out what makes my day.  I appreciate the work that a mentor of mine dedicated his life to, in order to achieve the experience I’m dreaming  about here.


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