A dog that was supposed to be a cat.

1st and only soapstone sculpture
My brother brought home a magazine from an adventure he went on down in southern arizona for me.  He found an article about a jaguar that had been found in that area, a rare occurence due to things like the fence on the mexican border.  In the article was the team of dogs that had trapped the jaguar for the scientists.  And I had one of those dogs living with me at the time.  Coonhounds have always been a love of mine, ever since I read my favorite book, Where The Red Fern Grows, at the age of nine.   
I was taking a sculpture class at the local community college, and we were supposed to do one in soapstone and metal.  The metal one went to the scrap yard, but this one I kept.  As I started sculpting it, I saw a cats head, and wanted to replicate it with the stone to represent the jaguar.  I thought it would be cool.  Well, as things would have it, the stone had another idea.  Half way through the project, I realized it looked a lot more like the dogs in the pictures than the cat.  I finished it as it should have been.  My dog was dumb as a box of rocks, sweet as molasses, and borderline wild.  A good subject for me to sculpt.  I’ve never seen a jaguar.   $420 obo.   

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