How much is something worth?  What kind of value does it give?  Is it purely aesthetic?  Is it interactive?  Does it make people think?  Do they stop and wonder at the amount of time it must have taken, or the amount of energy it consumed from the artist during creation?  How much pleasure did I get in making it, possessing it, or getting rid of it?  Will selling it really give me more passion for creating?  Is anyone going to want it as much as I do?  At what stage of my development as an artist was it created, and is it worth more because it’s got cleaner lines?  Are people going to want to buy my art that came from when I was a kid, or does that have to wait until I have a name for myself in the art world?  Do I have a name for myself already?  If so where the heck is it?  Is it unethical to ask for the nine pieces of furniture that I built for the bakery now that the bakery has gone belly up?  I volunteered for ten months and went into debt doing it.  Do I think it will feel good to sell them if I do?  Should I think that I’ve already sold art, if I’ve made art by the hour into some of my building projects?  That hearth sure does seem like art.  So does the woodshed, but then again, I did the “chust fer pretty” on it for free, knowing that the customer couldn’t afford to pay for it.   

These are the questions I’m asking myself as I go about the process of deciding how much to charge for a piece of art.  Like this one.  Should I crop it down and turn it into just the fairies, but as two separate drawings?  It took me about two hours to create it all.  Can I pay myself fifty bucks an hour as an artist?   If so then it’s $100.00  Somehow I don’t think that’s realistic for these sketches, but maybe someday.  Hmm.   It did take me about an hour and a half to create this post, take the picture, load it onto the computer, crop it, and go through with publishing it.  I have pictures of the arbor completed, should it go as a set to show what became of the design?  If so, I probably should charge more.  It’s a deal at a hundred bucks.  I’m going to need to confront myself on this and come up with a scale for pricing art to make it easy to do.  Like my construction work.  Come up with a 5 D rule.  Disgusting, Dangerous, Difficult, Design, and Destroy.  If I get to do all five at once, I can charge fifty bucks an hour, and be happiest working for free.  Theres really little that compares to the feeling of being dirty and challenged, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s one of the things in life that I hold dear.  This sketch on the other hand, is just another piece of paper hanging on the wall of my shop with staples.  No frame.  It’s covered in a fine film of sawdust.  Take what you can get.  This you can.


The pharmacy of your mind prescribing for my pleasure

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