Inspiration to create for me, comes mostly from admiration of another’s art.  This has been happening for me since I was a child.  I would sit for hours in the library poring over the books in the art section, staring in rapt attention and wonder.  When I found an author I liked, I would read everything they’d written.  A couple of years ago I found a book titled something like Street Art of the World, and it was fascinating to me.  It had fun art throughout.  Street art is an interaction with the public, people use it to make social statements, make people think,  get a laugh, or simply as another canvas for their expression.   

 Andy Goldsworthy’s art is wicked.  What he does with natural elements exposed me to images that are powerful and pure.  I love that it is an expression of time, and shows the natural process of everything breaking down into dirt.  Occasionally I think about how long my art will last, and whether the energy I put into it is worth the effort, so it’s satisfying to have a hero that embraces this reality with his creations.  It’s harmony with the natural cycle and environment.  Clean and radical.  I aspire to be like him.  When I get inspired enough to emulate his art,  I’m satisfied with the result, and I tend to share it with kids because it’s so simple and fun. 

Admiration is a key that opens a portal in an interaction. Two people become intoxicated in it. The giver of it feels attracted to the particular subject based on how good it feels to experience something vicariously from the gifted. The gifted tends to feel empowered, encouraged, recognized, and remembered. 

It’s a powerful tool for getting along with others. Age, race, gender, social status, political ideology, and sexual preference, don’t factor in. Words aren’t necessary to express it. General interest, respect, and compliments combine to make it clear.  I read somewhere that emulation was the best compliment you can give.  I’ve found that this is an easy way to let your admiration be clear by mentioning you did it their way, because you think it rocks.  Sometimes it’s a look in the eye from the apprentice, combined with an expression of gratitude and service.

You can see it in the eyes of the young more easily, they’re frequently capable of expressing it. I love the look in their eye when I find something to admire about them. First off they question the authenticity of the expression, they search for emotional inflection that would indicate if they should trust that your going to hurt them. After they recognize your genuine delight, they decide to play with you, and will until it’s not fun anymore. Usually that happens when they keel over and pass out, or wind up into hysteria because their hungry or tired. It’s such an easy equation for getting along that I’ve recently become infatuated with the concept.

 Friends are way more fun to me when I know something about them that I can’t say enough, because I think it’s rad.  Somebody always has something they can do, that you can’t; probably know little about, and would like to know more about or be capable of doing yourself. If for some reason your unable to pick a new acquaintances brain for something juicy, maybe you shouldn’t be hanging out with them. It’s the 3 G rule coming up to me. Giggle or a grin, if you can’t get either, go.

My best friends are the ones that I can admire all day long. The ones that have a lifestyle, a vocation, and a way of interacting I admire. It comes up so much for me in time spent with them that I want to work, play, sleep, and eat with them. Something they do or say that really changes my life in a healthy way, becomes a reoccurring admiration of them when their not even present.   I love it, because I love them.


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